Announcing the Winners of our Annual Andrew Gower Advent Calendar Contest

Happy New Year to all of Andrew Gower Fans! Huge thanks as always to everyone who participated in our 5th Annual Andrew Gower Advent Calendar and congratulations to our winners! Did you get all the different "doors" right? Click on the links below to find out and read up on Andrew Gower's different projects. Some … Continue reading Announcing the Winners of our Annual Andrew Gower Advent Calendar Contest

Advent Calendar Contest 2020 Half-Time

We're already 16 days into our Annual Advent Calendar Contest but it is not too late to participate! All you have to do is guess the context of each of our "doors" that are posted on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and in our Gallery every day: which TV series, movie or play is it … Continue reading Advent Calendar Contest 2020 Half-Time

Advent Calendar Contest 2020

It is time again to start our traditional Advent Calendar Contest! 🎅🎄⛄ For the 5th time in row, we're counting down to the winter holidays by highlighting 24 projects from Andrew Gower's past, present and future. It is also a time to thank you, fans, for your continued love and support for Andrew Gower, this … Continue reading Advent Calendar Contest 2020

Petition to Bring Back Miss Scarlet and The Duke

We're happy to support Scarleteers, the Facebook page for fans of Miss Scarlet and The Duke and their campaign to bring back the series for (at least!) another season. Their petition is as much a gentle nudge to the production company A & E Studios to officially announce more adventures for our favourite dynamic duo … Continue reading Petition to Bring Back Miss Scarlet and The Duke

And the Winner Is…

Huge thanks to everyone who took part in our contest again this year, and congratulations to all the winners! You've all been notified and we hope you enjoy your prizes! Here's the solution to our 2019 Advent Calendar. Click on the links to learn more about the different contexts! Being Human The White Queen Outlander … Continue reading And the Winner Is…

Advent Calendar 2019 – completed!

Here they are! Our 24 beautiful Advent calendar days! It's not too late to join our competition! If you recognize one (or more) of the pictured TV shows, movies, events, etc., that Andrew Gower was a part of (or will be, in some cases) drop us an e-mail! Every honest guess (whether correct or not) … Continue reading Advent Calendar 2019 – completed!

Our Advent Calendar Is a Go!

Look at these shiny prizes! Today, 1 December 2019, is the day we launch our annual Advent Calendar Contest! Watch out every day for our posts on all our Social Media outlets (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook page & group) and our Gallery and give us your best guesses about the context of the picture: is it … Continue reading Our Advent Calendar Is a Go!

Announcing our Advent Calendar Contest 2019!

It's that time of year again! Starting next Sunday, 1 December, we are counting down the days to the winter holidays with our traditional Advent Calendar contest. There will be 24 pictures from Andrew Gower's career - past, present and future - that will be posted on all our Social Media outlets, on Twitter, Facebook … Continue reading Announcing our Advent Calendar Contest 2019!

Happy 30th Birthday, Andrew!

Happy Birthday, Andrew! Dear Andrew On your 30th birthday, we wish you all the best, happiness and good health. May your day be as wonderful as you are, may you be showered with birthday love as you deserve, and may only bright things come your way in the future! We also wanted to take the … Continue reading Happy 30th Birthday, Andrew!

30 Facts about Andrew Gower

In the run-up to Andrew Gower's 30th birthday on 8 November we tweeted a "30 Facts about Andrew Gower" countdown. In case you missed some of them (or would like to read them again), here is the complete countdown again with some trivia that you may or may not know about him yet. Enjoy! 1. … Continue reading 30 Facts about Andrew Gower

Advent Calendar: A look back

Have you missed some of our Advent Calendar doors or the solutions? Here's a look back at what we had so far! Cover: Nutritiously Nicola 01: Running Naked 02: Capital 03: Outlander 04: Frankenstein's Wedding 05: Starfury - Highlanders 3 06: After the Fall 07: Monroe 08: Humpty Dumpty 09: Endeavour 10: The Tall Tales … Continue reading Advent Calendar: A look back

Advent Calendar: Everyone’s a winner!

The holidays are only a few days away, which has us in a festive, generous mood. So we decided to adjust the rules for our Advent Calendar Contest a little and make everyone a winner! All you need to do: join our Facebook group (unless you're already a member) participate in our guessing game any … Continue reading Advent Calendar: Everyone’s a winner!

Advent Calendar Contest

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas! As in previous years, we're counting down the days to the winter holidays with an Advent Calendar and an overview of Andrew's career - past, present and future. As in previous years, this will also be a contest and a chance for you to win some prizes! … Continue reading Advent Calendar Contest

Thank you from Andrew Andrew gifted us with one of his rare tweets to thank all his fans (you!) for all the birthday love he received yesterday. It was our absolute pleasure, Andrew, and we hope you had a great day! Additionally to numerous tweets by fans from all over the world, Andrew was also greeted by some … Continue reading Thank you from Andrew

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Happy Birthday, Andrew!   Dear Andrew This comes from all your fans (that's only a small selection up there!) and from the bottom of our hearts: Have a smashing birthday today! We hope that on your special day today you are showered with presents, cake and lots of love! Thank you for the time you … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Don’t forget the #BonnieBDay tomorrow!

Please remember our #BonnieBDay campaign for Andrew's birthday tomorrow! He turns 29 on Thursday, 8 November! If you’re on Twitter or Instagram, tweet or post and wish @TheAndrewGower a #BonnieBDay (please use the hashtag!) You can find Andrew on Twitter and Instagram. If you tag us as well, we’ll re-tweet & share your post! Andrew … Continue reading Don’t forget the #BonnieBDay tomorrow!

Birthday Collage

In addition to our #BonnieBDay campaign, we'd love to surprise Andrew with a collage of fan pictures - pictures he has taken with fans over the years (at conventions or stage door) or that his fans have taken with each others (what's a better way to kill time waiting in convention queues than taking selfies, … Continue reading Birthday Collage

#BonnieBDay campaign

It's Andrew's birthday soon (he turns 29 this year!) and we want to make sure he is showered with birthday messages and birthday love! So, if you're on Twitter or Instagram, tweet or post and wish @TheAndrewGower a #BonnieBDay (please use the hashtag!) on 8 November! You can find Andrew on Twitter and Instagram. If … Continue reading #BonnieBDay campaign

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all our ghouls and boos! 👻 We hope you're having a spooktacular day!!! 🎃 (if you're celebrating this holiday - if not, we still hope you have a great day anyway!) A perfect treat for the day (not a trick, we swear!) is catching up on some of Andrew Gower's past projects … Continue reading Happy Halloween!

Fan Art Winner Last but not least we're very happy to announce our fan art winner, Twitter follower and group member, Nancy Hibberd! Nancy created this beautiful fan video about Outlander's Bonnie Prince Charlie. We cannot even begin to fathom how much creativity, work and determination must have gone into the creation of this gem, so this … Continue reading Fan Art Winner

Poetry Winner

The winner of our poetry contest is the wonderfully talented poet, our Twitter follower and group member Jackie Merrell! She originally wrote this poem for Andrew when he attended Starfury's Highlanders 3 convention in Birmingham this summer. The poem itself is about Outlander's Bonnie Prince Charlie. The White Cockade by J. Merrell It's hard to … Continue reading Poetry Winner

Caption This! Winner

Here they are: Our much anticipated prizes for the main winners of the three categories of our birthday contest! Each winner will receive one of these calendars, exclusively designed for Andrew Gower Fans. We will present you our winners and their art (in case of our poetry and fan art contestants)  over the next few … Continue reading Caption This! Winner

Presenting our Social Media Winners

Over the last few days, we announced our Social Media winners with shout-outs to our Instagram follower Cody Cuddle Bug our Twitter follower Katie Ocon our Facebook Page follower Jill Puvogel DeMars and our Facebook Group member Sherry L. Martin! Again, thank you so very much for participating in our birthday contest! Now, all there's … Continue reading Presenting our Social Media Winners

Birthday Contest: Postcard Winners!

We're finally ready to announce the first winners of our birthday contest! We are so grateful for all your participations and we really wish you could ALL be our winners! Unfortunately this is not possible, so we did our best to give everyone a fair chance. We have one main winner from each of our … Continue reading Birthday Contest: Postcard Winners!

Thank you for Participating!

Huge thank you to everyone who celebrated our 2nd birthday with us and participated in our contest! The response was a little overwhelming (but in a good way!), so please give us a couple of days to go through everyone's answers and draw the winners. There will be one main prize for each category (fan … Continue reading Thank you for Participating!

Birthday Contest ends 22 September

Celebrating our 2nd birthday with all our followers and members on Facebook (page & group), Twitter and Instagram has been a lot of fun, and we thank you for all your contributions that we've received so far! There is still time to send in more! More fan art, more poetry or stories, and there will … Continue reading Birthday Contest ends 22 September

Celebrate with us & win great prizes!

We're only two days away from our big birthday bash! On 12 September 2016 (just before midnight) our Facebook group was launched - the first step of what eventually became a whole network of Social Media accounts celebrating and supporting the amazing actor, producer and singer/songwriter Andrew Gower. Only 10 days later, on 22 September … Continue reading Celebrate with us & win great prizes!

Caption This! – Birthday Contest

You're not an artist or a writer? Don't worry you can still participate in our Birthday Contest! Every day between 12 and 22 September 2018 we'll be posting a screencap of one of Andrew's projects on our Social Media accounts, and we're looking forward to your best "caption this" suggestions! Every suggestions earns you an … Continue reading Caption This! – Birthday Contest

Birthday Contest – Looking for Poets & Writers

We are looking for all poets and writers among you creative Andrew Gower fans! Send us your Andrew related written art between 12 and 22 September 2018 to enter our contest and win some cool prizes, including our popular super-sized postcards, a shout-out on our Social Media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) and exclusive prints of … Continue reading Birthday Contest – Looking for Poets & Writers

Announcing our Birthday Contest!

A big event for our Facebook group is fast approaching: our group's second birthday on 12 September! That calls for celebrations, don't you think? We are still working hard on the details, but we wanted to give you the heads up that there will be a contest and cool prizes for you to win again! … Continue reading Announcing our Birthday Contest!

Murdoch Mysteries Petition

If you loved Andrew Gower's performance as David Kingsley/ Sherlock Holmes as much as we did, we'd appreciate it if you considered signing our petition. Even if it might not sway the Murdoch Mysteries's producers and writers to actually bring him back (one can still hope!), it will show Andrew our support and appreciation of … Continue reading Murdoch Mysteries Petition