Miss Scarlet and The Duke


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Andrew Gower plays Rupert Parker on the period crime drama Miss Scarlet and the Duke, the faithful companion to Miss Eliza Scarlet (Kate Phillips), the first-ever female detective in 19th century London.

Brought up by her widowed father Henry (Kevin Doyle), Eliza Scarlet is an educated, headstrong young woman living in Victorian London. When her father suddenly dies, she is left penniless and forced to pick up Henry’s business – a private detective agency – in a time where women had little to no rights at all. In order to hold her own in the male dominated world of crime solving, Eliza occassionally relies on the support of three men.

William “The Duke” Wellington (Stuart Martin) is a Detective Inspector for Scotland Yard who as a young boy was mentored by Eliza’s father. He’s a gambler, a drinker and a womaniser but he is genuinely fond of Eliza who he shares an almost sibling like bond with but with an underlying sizzling attraction.

Also supporting Eliza are Moses (Ansu Kabia) and Rupert Parker (Andrew Gower). Moses works at a night club in Soho and has come to London from Jamaica for a new beginning. While their first encounter doesn’t make for a good start, they eventually form an unlikely alliance.

Rupert Parker is a wealthy young man, whose domineering mother is extremely displeased about her only son’s unmarried status and forces him to propose to Eliza. Clearly terrified of his mother, Rupert confides in Eliza that he doesn’t want to be married. The two bond over the fact that they both crave independence and quickly discover that there is a different way for them to form a partnership.

The mini series, which is described as a “Victorian Moonlighting” by Declan O’Dwyer in our exclusive interview with the director, was first announced to be in development on 26 November 2018 by Screen Daily. On 25 March 2019 Deadline then reported that A+E Networks International gave a formal series order. Pre-production started in June 2019 and principal photography began in early July in Dublin with the Irish production company ShinAwiL overseeing it. Rachael New is credited as showrunner and creator with Declan O’Dwyer directing all episodes.

The series had its world premiere at Content London on 3 December 2019 and is scheduled to be released in 2020. In our exclusive interview on 31 January 2020, Rachael New stated that she is currently working on scripts for season 2, possibly “wearing Miss Scarlet’s costume” (as Declan O’Dwyer speculated in October 2019). It was later confirmed by Stuart Martin in an interview with The Book of Man that they were “due to do a second series of Miss Scarlet and The Duke in September [2020] in Dublin”.

However, as of 9 September 2020, according to director and executive producer Declan O’Dwyer, who replied to a post by Scarleteers on Facebook, season 2 is not yet confirmed. “But fingers crossed!” On 10 December 2020, Rachael New surprised fans attending a live chat with Declan O’Dwyer and Scarleteers, and talked about the current situation and what could be in store for Miss Scarlet and The Duke in (potential) future episodes. You can watch the video interview here, which later also included cast members Kate Phillips, Stuart Martin and Andrew Gower.

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On 5 February 2021, Stuart Martin and Kate Phillips took over the PBS|Masterpiece Instagram account for a live chat answering fans’ questions. The video also includes a special shout-out to the Scarleteers fan group.

Episode Synopses:

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