Emerson was Andrew Gower‘s first band which he founded at the age of 15 with his friend Michael Collins. On the SYM website (posted app. in 2007, currently unavailable), they described their band as follows:

Emerson are an up and coming band based in Manchester, England and since they have formed in June 2005 they have been writing their own original songs taking inspiration along the way from some of their favourite artists. The band started off as a two piece consisting of lead vocalist Andrew Gower and Keyboard/Guitar player Michael Collins. The two quickly discovered each others talents and began to write their own songs together. The first song that they wrote was possibly the bands most popular song “Flyin’ So High” and at this point Collins and Gower realised they could have something special. The two of them decided that they wanted to pursue a dream and began to find gigs all around the North West. Their collaboration was really taking off and the two realised that they would pursue a career in music, but in order to be taken seriously as a band the two realised they would need new additions. Drummer Todd Ryan and bassist Alasdair Ramsey joined in 2006 and have been an integral part in moving the band forward. At this moment in time Emerson are looking to attract the interest of A & R as well as promotion companies and gig venues. Look out for this band in the future. Also feel free to check out the bands myspace and add them.

Flyin’ So High

In his panel with Diana Gabaldon at Denver Comic Con on 1 July 2017, Andrew explained what happened to Emerson:

… I went to drama school (…) and I had to put the band and the music stuff on hold. When I graduated when I was 21, I tried to get back into it and unfortunately a lot of  the original band members had kids and I didn’t have kids so we couldn’t form the old band back together again.

Emerson Music Band

  • “This Side” – Live at Chicago Rock Cafe
  • “Moving On”

Emerson Band UK

  • “Back to You” (Album Version)
  • “Don’t Stray” – Live from LIPA 2008
  • “Don’t Stray” (Album Version and New Mix on MySpace)
  • “Second Chances” (Album Version and on MySpace)