The Tall Tales of Urchin


The Tall Tales of Urchin is an animated short film by London based Animation Director and Comic-Book artist Hamish Steele.

Andrew Gower lends his voice to Mudlark, a young orphan who lives with his friends Urchin and Raggamuffin in the streets of Old Town, “a higgledy piggledy mash up of various eras”. Together “[they try their] best to find the fun in life”.

We first meet the gang at their very own odditorium, where Urchin presents Raggamuffin as the bearded lady and Mudlark as a “mer-boy” but their endeavour doesn’t prove to be very successful. The swimming competition at the Old Town Dog Show, however, seems to be a much more promising opportunity to get rich quickly… the fact that they don’t own a dog is only a minor issue.

The Tall Tales of Urchin was the second film [Hamish Steele] created for Nickelodeon’s International [Animated] Shorts Program [2014-15]. It is inspired by Dickensian tales of street orphans living in Victorian London.

(Source: Hamish Steele Website)


Voice cast:
Urchin – Holly Taylor
Ragamuffin – Zawe Ashton
Mudlark – Andrew Gower
The Twins – Will Kenning
The Announcer – Hamish Steele

The Tall Tales of Urchin was released in the UK on 11 February 2016 on Vimeo.

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