The Tall Tales of Urchin

The Tall Tales of Urchin from Nickelodeon International on Vimeo.

The Tall Tales of Urchin was the second film [Hamish Steele] created for Nickelodeon’s International [Animated] Shorts Program [2014-15]. It is inspired by Dickensian tales of street orphans living in Victorian London.

Urchin is a young, orphaned girl who lives on the streets of Old Town – a higgledy piggledy mash up of various eras. Along with her fellow orphans Raggamuffin and Mudlark, she tries her best to find the fun in life while being led along her friend’s get rich quick schemes.

(Source: Hamish Steele Website)

Created & Directed by Hamish Steele

A Blink Industries production
Executive Producer – James Stevenson Bretton
Head of Production – Julie Crosbie
Creative Executive – Tom Stuart
Producer – Xavier Questel

Written & Storyboarded by Hamish Steele
Character Design by Hamish Steele
Background Art by Christian Schlaeffer

Key Poses – Jonathan Harris, Blanca Martinez de Rituerto & Hamish Steele
In-Between Poses – Hannah Lau-Walker & Thomas Knowler
Clean-Up & Colour – Nathan Brenville, Doug Hindson & Tom Rourke
Compositing Artist – Hamish Steele

Voice cast:
Urchin – Holly Taylor
Ragamuffin – Zawe Ashton
Mudlark – Andrew Gower
The Twins – Will Kenning
The Announcer – Hamish Steele

Voice recording:
Simon Harris (Offset Audio)
Scott Marshall (Bam Sound)
Chris Swaine (Fonic)

Music Supervisor – David Rodger
Composer – Julian Guidetti
Sound Design, Effects & Final Mix – Simon Harris (Offset Audio)

Casting Director – Gene Vassilaros CSA
Casting Manager – Shiondre Austin
Casting Coordinator – Morgann Franson
Casting Assistant – Courtney Moon

Consulting Producer for Nickelodeon – Suzanne Lang
Production Coordinator for Nickelodeon – Matt Kilroy
Executive in Charge of Production for Nickelodeon – Alexi Wheeler

Special Thanks to Nina Hahn, Jules Borkent, Bart Yates, Drew Green, Matthew Marsh, Maiwenn Le Borgne, David O’Neill, Patrick Hearn & Hugo Paiva. In Memory of Julie Crosbie.

The Tall Tale of Urchin was released on 11 February 2016.