Humpty Dumpty


Humpty Dumpty is a feature length documentary which delves into the largely unknown story of Tommy Quickly.

Everyone in the known world has heard of the legendary Beatles. Many will know of their fellow music stable mates Billy J Kramer, Cilla Black and Gerry and the Pacemakers – all of which where managed and discovered by the iconic Brian Epstein. Tommy was also part of this illustrious stable, but from ‘what we know’ his career took a very different path.

This film is presented throughout by two Liverpool actors, musicians and friends: Andrew Gower and Stephen Walters. They first met on the set of NBC’s series A.D. – The Bible Continues filmed in Morocco. By a quirk of fate Stephen was about to start the second series of Starz hit show Outlander, when Andrew was also cast in the series. There was instant connection over their mutual obsession of the Merseybeat era. It was these conversations that gave birth to the idea of Humpty Dumpty.

(Source: Kickstarter – adapted)

Humpty Dumpty was financed via a Kickstarter campaign which ran from 7 June to 8 July 2017, and raised £17,278. It was first announced by Andrew and Stephen von 5 June 2015 via this Twitter video and reached its target of £10,000 after only 48 hours. Andrew and Stephen thanked their fans in two seperate videos and another joined video when the campaign reached £15,000.

The film is scheduled to be screened in Liverpool in May 2018, the release of the CD with original tracks written and performed by Stephen Walters and Andrew Gower as well as original material is planned for early 2018.

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