Advent Calendar 2019 – completed!


Here they are! Our 24 beautiful Advent calendar days!

It’s not too late to join our competition!

If you recognize one (or more) of the pictured TV shows, movies, events, etc., that Andrew Gower was a part of (or will be, in some cases) drop us an e-mail!

Every honest guess (whether correct or not) will enter your name to the drawing pot from which winners will be chosen on 1 January 2020.

All winners, including our Andrew Gower Fan of the Year, will be announced the same day, and our exclusive prizes will be mailed out the day after.

Good luck to all of you! 🍀

(Disclaimer: We’re an open-minded group and respect all faiths and (non-)beliefs. We love all fans of Andrew Gower, no matter which holiday you celebrate this time of year, or whether you celebrate any at all!)