Andrew played Jimmy the Avid Editor in Rosewater, a film directed by Jon Stewart (The Daily Show) and starring Gael Garcia Bernal (The Science of Sleep, Babel).

Jon Stewart wrote the screenplay, which was adapted from Maziar Bahari’s 2011 book Then They Came For Me: A Family’s Story of Love, Captivity and Survival. The book recounts the author/journalist’s time in Iran, where he was supposed to go for one week to cover the country’s national elections. Instead, he was held in an Iranian prison for 118 days, tortured and interrogated by a mysterious man who the writer described as smelling of rosewater. Gael García Bernal will play the reporter, who left his pregnant fiancee behind in London for what he thought was a routine assigment.


The film is available on DVD and as online stream on amazon.

You can watch most of Andrew’s scene in his showreel here (starting at 3:35):

Visit our Rosewater Gallery!

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