Meet Andrew Gower at London Film and Comic Con

As an early Christmas present for his fans, Showmaster's London Film & Comic Con announced Andrew Gower today as one of their guests for their summer edition. The event will take place from 24 - 26 July 2020 at Olympia London. Andrew will only attend on Saturday, 25 July, and he'll be joined by fellow … Continue reading Meet Andrew Gower at London Film and Comic Con

Poldark S5 on Netflix France

Great news for our French fans: Season 5 of Poldark will be released on Netflix France on Tuesday 1 October 2019 Friday 11 October 2019! Don't miss Andrew Gower as James Hadfield in the first two episodes of the popular period drama, and the moment Being Human's John Mitchell (Aidan Turner) finally meets Nick Cutler! ETA … Continue reading Poldark S5 on Netflix France

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all our ghouls and boos! 👻 We hope you're having a spooktacular day!!! 🎃 (if you're celebrating this holiday - if not, we still hope you have a great day anyway!) A perfect treat for the day (not a trick, we swear!) is catching up on some of Andrew Gower's past projects … Continue reading Happy Halloween!

Being Human back on BBC iPlayer

Good news for our UK fans: All seasons of Being Human are back on BBC iPlayer! So this is your chance to catch up on this great TV show and especially watch Andrew Gower's season 4 episodes. No matter if it's for the first or hundredth time: Andrew's portrayal of our favourite vampire solicitor and … Continue reading Being Human back on BBC iPlayer

New Showreel

A new seven minute showreel video has been added to the website of Andrew Gower's agents, Troika Talent. It includes clips from Monroe, Endeavour, The Village, Being Human, Frankenstein's Wedding, Murdoch Mysteries, The White Queen and Misfits. Enjoy!

Character profile of Nick Cutler

The following profile of Being Human's Nick Cutler was written by fan AnyOther for the Being Human forum It's absolutely brilliant, and well worth a read! (Contains SPOILERS for all of season 4!): “The future’s so bright, I’ve got to wear shades” Zoom in, and there he is, cheeky young (well…relatively) vampire Cutler with his … Continue reading Character profile of Nick Cutler

Being Human episode nominated in SFX Awards

"Making History", the episode of Being Human that focused on Cutler and Hal's backstory, has been nominated in the Best TV Episode category in the SFX Awards 2013. You can vote here! You can also vote for Being Human as the Best TV Show, Damien Molony as Best Actor and Sexiest Man, Lenora Crichlow as … Continue reading Being Human episode nominated in SFX Awards

Being Human series 1-5 box set available to pre-order

The Being Human - Series 1-5 Boxset DVD box set is now available to pre-order from Amazon. It is released on Monday 8 April 2013. Further details about what will be included on the discs are yet to be confirmed, however we do know that it is a 14 disc set. Andrew Gower appears in … Continue reading Being Human series 1-5 box set available to pre-order

Cutler fanfics and more

Please note that the following fanfics may contain content that is suitable for adults only, but with that in mind, read and enjoy! The Old Year Passes (part one of the story; links to the following 5 chapters can be found at the end of the chapter); written by non-canonical. On the same LiveJournal there … Continue reading Cutler fanfics and more

Showreel 2012

Andrew Gower's showreel has been added to his Spotlight CV; it includes some great clips from Frankenstein's Wedding, Monroe and Being Human. You can watch it below: Keep an eye on his Vimeo page as well as there are also the "Wires" and "Make This Go On Forever" clips from Frankenstein's Wedding on there … Continue reading Showreel 2012

Damien Molony interviewed by Spotlight

Damien Molony has been interviewed by Spotlight about his nomination for the prize in 2011 and his career since then. There are a couple of questions about Andrew Gower and their work together on Being Human: Did Andrew Gower [2010 Spotlight Prize winner] try to give you any tips? We didn’t actually shoot anything together … Continue reading Damien Molony interviewed by Spotlight

Mark Gatiss interview

Mark Gatiss has been interviewed by about the finale of Being Human season 4, "War Child". It's a great little interview, made all the better by the question about the trailer: Can you explain why he’s rubbing Cutler’s face in the preview? Because I wanted to. I said to Andrew [Gower], “I just got … Continue reading Mark Gatiss interview

Toby Whithouse talks Cutler have published an interview with Being Human executive producer Toby Whithouse about Being Human episode 4x07 "Making History", a very Cutler-centric episode. Does Cutler have any humanity left in him? From the moment that he sees his wife killed, that’s it. It’s been interesting to look at the reactions to him on online. I’m … Continue reading Toby Whithouse talks Cutler

The Cutler Movie

If you miss everyone's favourite vampire solicitor "Cutler, Nick Cutler" as much as we do, you might enjoy The Cutler Movie which recently appeared on YouTube. It's a complilation of all of Andrew Gower's scenes from season 4 of British cult TV show Being Human and it works amazingly well as a standalone. So even … Continue reading The Cutler Movie

Entertainment Weekly: ‘Being Human’ baddie Andrew Gower talks ‘Puppy Love’

Entertainment Weekly have posted an interview with Andrew Gower about episode 6 of Being Human season 4 ("Puppy Love"). The interview covers Cutler's backstory, his last vestiges of humanity and how he based some of Cutler's mannerisms on Ian Curtis of Joy Division. Cutler likes other people to do the work for him—and manipulation is … Continue reading Entertainment Weekly: ‘Being Human’ baddie Andrew Gower talks ‘Puppy Love’

Q&A with Toby Whithouse

The BBC's Being Human blog has posted the results of a fan Q&A with Toby Whithouse. Several of the questions involved Cutler's (Andrew Gower) character and his subsequent demise, for example: However, it's the revelation that we won't see Cutler again that is the most shocking... We live in hope that... Read the full Q&A … Continue reading Q&A with Toby Whithouse

Being Human 4×08 The War Child

Being Human 4×08 The War Child In the last episode of Being Human's 4th season, the Old Ones, an elite group of extremely powerful, older vampires, have finally arrived in Barry Island. Their leader is Mr Snow (Mark Gatiss), an ancient, over 3000 year old vampire, who is less than impressed by the welcome the … Continue reading Being Human 4×08 The War Child

Being Human: Behind the Scenes 4×07

Another YouTube clip from the BBC, this time looking behind the scenes at the Nightclub in episode 7 of Being Human. Bizarrely, considering this is such a big Cutler moment, we only see Andrew Gower right at the very end, but it's still worth a watch to see how the scene was put together.

Being Human 4×07 Making History

Being Human 4×07 Making History In this Cutler (Andrew Gower) centric episode, viewers finally learn about Cutler's backstory and who his mysterious maker is. In flashbacks we can see a still human Cutler visiting none other than Hal Yorke (Damien Molony) in jail, who has been arrested for "illegal gambling and dog fights". Hal wants … Continue reading Being Human 4×07 Making History

Being Human 4×06 Puppy Love

Being Human 4×06 Puppy Love The video, Cutler (Andrew Gower) uploaded on YouTube of the werewolves Tom (Michael Socha) and George (Russel Tovey) transforming at the full moon, is started to get attention. While most people believe it to be fake, it brings the young female werewolf Allison (Ellie Kendrick) into town where she encounters … Continue reading Being Human 4×06 Puppy Love

Being Human 4×05 Hold the Front Page

Being Human 4×05 Hold the Front Page Cutler (Andrew Gower) continues his plan to expose werewolves as the big threat to human kind and in his determintaion he does not even shy away from manual labour. He personally drags bodies in the woods surrounding Barry Island and prepares them with a garden claw to make … Continue reading Being Human 4×05 Hold the Front Page

Being Human 4×04 A Spectre Calls

Being Human 4x04 A Spectre Calls The new supernatural trio at Honolulu Heights - ghost Annie (Lenora Crichlow), werewolf Tom (Michael Socha) and vampire Hal (Damien Molony) - are still trying to settle into a new routine when they are visited by a seemingly charistmatic ghost from the 70s called Kirby (James Lance). Everyone seems … Continue reading Being Human 4×04 A Spectre Calls

Being Human 4×02 Being Human 1955

Being Human 4x02 Being Human 1955 After Griffin's (Alex Jennings) "proper death" at the end of episode 1, the vampires are yet again without a leader, and a new supernatural trio - ghost Pearl (Tamla Kari), werewolf Leo (Louis Mahoney) and vampire Hal (Damien Molony) - show up at Honolulu Heights, which causes friction with … Continue reading Being Human 4×02 Being Human 1955

Being Human 4×01 Eve of the War

Being Human 4x01 Eve of the War After the events of the season 3 finale, local vampires have already regrouped around their new leader Griffin (Alex Jennings). They meet up at the warehouse of Stoker Import and Export in Barry Island where they are preparing for the arrival of the "Old Ones", a group of … Continue reading Being Human 4×01 Eve of the War

Andrew Gower is Cutler

Cultfix have posted an article about Andrew Gower's casting as Cutler in Being Human, which returns to BBC Three in 2012. When Being Human returns next year, there will be a new vampire in town. That vampire is called Cutler and he will be played by actor Andrew Gower. Gower most recently appeared in ITV’s … Continue reading Andrew Gower is Cutler