Luke Allen-Gale joins Nutritiously Nicola

Great news! Thanks to Nutritiously Nicola! and Double Yay Productions these two will be united! Monroe fans will remember Luke Allen-Gale who played fellow trainee surgeon Daniel Springer at St Matthews Hospital and friend to Andrew Gower's character Mullery. One more reason to keep all our fingers crossed, that Nutritiously Nicola! will receive their funding. … Continue reading Luke Allen-Gale joins Nutritiously Nicola

New Showreel

A new seven minute showreel video has been added to the website of Andrew Gower's agents, Troika Talent. It includes clips from Monroe, Endeavour, The Village, Being Human, Frankenstein's Wedding, Murdoch Mysteries, The White Queen and Misfits. Enjoy!

The White Queen to air in Canada

The Canadian pay TV channel Super Channel has extended its licensing deal with Starz in order to bring The White Queen to Canada, along with Andrew's Monroe co-star Tom Riley's Da Vinci's Demons (which will begin tomorrow, 14 June). The air date for The White Queen has not yet been confirmed. You can read more … Continue reading The White Queen to air in Canada

Monroe axed

ITV have dropped Monroe after two series, according to Broadcast Now. An ITV spokeswoman said: “We can confirm that Monroe will not be returning. It has been a fantastic series, which we have been proud to have on the channel, but continuing to refresh our slate is an important part of the creative process for … Continue reading Monroe axed

Monroe 2×03

Monroe 2×03 Dr Monroe (James Nesbitt) is still reeling from his failed surgery last week. When he operates on 25 year old Alex Schofield (Gwilym Lee), who has a benign tumor in his spine, he loses confidence altogether and stops the procedure midway. Only after he successfully removes a knife from a rugby fan's head, … Continue reading Monroe 2×03

Monroe 2×02

Monroe 2x02 Monroe (James Nesbitt) has a hard time deciding which of his two trainees to keep as registrar and which one to let go: Daniel Springer (Luke Allen-Gale) or Kitty Wilson (Michelle Asante). Dr Bremner (Sarah Parish) continues to alienate Shepherd (Tom Riley) with her behaviour and suggests counselling but he starts to seek … Continue reading Monroe 2×02

Monroe season 2 on iTunes and ITV Player

Season 2 of Monroe is now available to download on iTunes. You can either download individual episodes as they are broadcast (£1.89 each) or buy a series pass for £9.99. Each episode will also be available to watch for free (aside from streaming costs) on ITV Player, each episode will be available for 30 days … Continue reading Monroe season 2 on iTunes and ITV Player

Monroe 2×01

Monroe 2×01 Eighteen months have passed since the events of the season 1 finale and a lot has changed at the fictional St Matthew’s Hospital. cardiothoracic surgeon Jenny Bremner (Sarah Parish) now has a baby with anaesthetist Lawrence Shepherd (Tom Riley), there's a new Head of Clinical Services Alistair Gillespie (Neil Pearson) and Andrew Mullery … Continue reading Monroe 2×01

Monroe season 2 starts tonight

If you've missed the sharp wit and warped humour of maverick neurosurgeon Gabriel Monroe then your wait is over as we return to St Matthews for another nail-biting series. The Daily Mirror, Monday 1 October Monroe season 2 starts tonight (Monday 1 October) on ITV at 9pm. There have been lots of previews in the … Continue reading Monroe season 2 starts tonight

Showreel 2012

Andrew Gower's showreel has been added to his Spotlight CV; it includes some great clips from Frankenstein's Wedding, Monroe and Being Human. You can watch it below: Keep an eye on his Vimeo page as well as there are also the "Wires" and "Make This Go On Forever" clips from Frankenstein's Wedding on there … Continue reading Showreel 2012

New Mullery images

Huge thanks to Natasha at ITV1 for giving us permission to use these shots of Andrew Gower as Dr Andrew Mullery in season 2 of Monroe. The photos were taken by Justin Slee and show Mullery in his new red scrubs as part of Head of Clinical Services, Alistair Gillespie's team (played by Neil Pearson). … Continue reading New Mullery images

Monroe season 2 press pack

ITV have made their press pack available for the new season of Monroe, which is likely to air on Monday 1 October at 9pm. There is a small quote from Andrew Gower, who plays Dr Mullery, which is reproduced below, and also an episode synopsis for each scene which is absolutely full of spoilers so … Continue reading Monroe season 2 press pack

Monroe season 2 air date?

We are still waiting for the ITV announcement (it is expected today) of the air date for season 2 of Monroe, however several avenues have stated Monday, 1 October at 9pm is when we will see Dr Andrew Mullery return to our screens. The Radio Times has popped up this morning with the 1 October … Continue reading Monroe season 2 air date?

ITV website updated for Monroe season two

The ITV Drama website has been updated with several cast videos and more details about the new season of Monroe. There are several interviews with Andrew in the different videos alongside interviews with the rest of the cast. There is still no screening date but it's widely assumed that the date will be released this … Continue reading ITV website updated for Monroe season two

New Monroe season 2 trailer

MIPTV have added a new trailer, brief synopsis and promo shot for season 2 of Monroe to their site. It features a couple of scenes with Andrew in, including one that looks very exciting... The synopsis is a little spoilery so click the link to read more only if you want to. You can also … Continue reading New Monroe season 2 trailer

Monroe series 2 press launch

Yesterday saw the press launch for Monroe series two. All the cast were there, and there was some great feedback on Twitter following the launch. Ben Dowell of The Guardian said: While journalist Ian Wylie commented: Andrew himself posted a picture on his Twitter feed of a visit to Starbucks with Christina Chong where he … Continue reading Monroe series 2 press launch

Monroe cast at restaurant opening in Harpenden

Andrew Gower attended the launch of Charlie's Restaurant & Bar in Harpenden, owned by Monroe co-star Christina Chong, along with other co-stars Tom Riley, Manjinder Virk and Michelle Asante. Read more about the visit over at and check out our Gallery for more pictures from the event.

Monroe 1×06

Monroe 1×06 Exciting times for the young surgeons at St Matthew's: their training is over and it is time for their assessment. All of them are eager to please their supervisors and secure their place at the hospital. Mullery (Andrew Gower) is also a "cute embarrassment" to girlfriend and fellow surgeon Sally Fortune (Manjinder Virk) … Continue reading Monroe 1×06

Monroe 1×05

Monroe 1×05 The stakes are set high this week as the patient of the week is not a random stranger but one of St Matthew's own. Dr Monroe's (James Nesbitt) main assistant Sally Fortune (Manjinder Virk) collapses during surgery and it turns out she doesn't only have a life-threatening brain aneurysm but also needs heart … Continue reading Monroe 1×05

Monroe 1×04

Monroe 1×04 After spending the night with Tatiana (Carolin Stoltz), an Eastern European biochemist, who works at the hostital as the tea trolley lady, Dr Monroe meets his new patient, family man Brendon (Tony Mooney), who believes that God speaks to him through epileptic seizures. Supported by his teenage daughter Phoebe (Phoebe Dynevor), he is … Continue reading Monroe 1×04

Monroe 1×03

Monroe 1×03 Young ex-soldier David Foster (Matthew Needham) is admitted to St Matthew's Hospital with a blood clot in his brain after a fall under the influence. Against his initial judgement and to everyone's surprise, Monroe (James Nesbitt) decides not to operate on the young man and instead waits and sees if the clot dissolves … Continue reading Monroe 1×03

Monroe 1×02

Monroe 1×02 The "patients of the week" at St Matthew's hospital are teenagers James and Danny. James tried to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head, after he accidentally fired the gun at his younger brother Danny and hit him in the chest. Dr Bremner's team operate on young Danny to fix his heart … Continue reading Monroe 1×02

Monroe: Press Reviews

10 March 2011: Sam Wollaston for The Guardian Clue: it's a medical drama named after its protagonist – a cynical, unconventional, emotionally damaged genius doctor who shows a sardonic contempt for authority... Got it, you say. House, starring Hugh Laurie. Ha, wrong; it's Monroe (ITV1), starring James Nesbitt. [...] Monroe is slick, sharply written; it … Continue reading Monroe: Press Reviews

Liverpool Echo interview

The Liverpool Echo have published a long interview with Andrew following the screening of the first episode of Monroe and previewing next month's Frankenstein's Wedding. It also covers his life in Liverpool before he left to attend the Oxford School of Drama, and Andrew talks about his love for The Beatles and his music project … Continue reading Liverpool Echo interview

Monroe 1×01

Monroe 1x01 The medical drama follows neurosurgeon Gabriel Monroe (James Nesbitt) and the staff at St Matthew's Hospital. The series was created by Peter Bowker for ITV and filmed in Leeds starting on 26 September 2010. The former Leeds Girls' High School was used as the principal set of the series and transformed into the … Continue reading Monroe 1×01