New Showreel


A new seven minute showreel video has been added to the website of Andrew Gower‘s agents, Troika Talent.

It includes clips from Monroe, Endeavour, The Village, Being Human, Frankenstein’s Wedding, Murdoch Mysteries, The White Queen and Misfits.


Review: Endeavour S02E04, Neverland


Endeavour 2×04 “Neverland”

[…] the mystery is complex without being convoluted, and I consider it the strongest script of this series, which has tended towards noir elements. Our heroes (slightly tarnished, like the best noir protagonists, but good men nonetheless) are up against crooked and far-reaching powers, against which victory is by no means certain. ‘Neverland’ is a noir conspiracy-thriller, with the tension slowly rising to its fever-pitched climax.


Endeavour 2.04: Season Finale Neverland


This relatively spoiler-free review of Endeavour episode “Neverland” comes from

The final episode of Endeavour Series 2 was a corker.

We don’t do spoilers on Masterpiece Mystery programs, but I would suggest that you go and watch “Neverland” right now if you haven’t already. Then go back and watch it again, knowing what you know. It’s better the second time.



Endeavour: Neverland review


Den of Geek reviewed Andrew’s Endeavour episode “Neverland”, the “devastating final episode of Endeavour’s impressive second series”.

However, the review contains heavy plot spoilers, so read at your own risk if you haven’t seen the episode already!

Neverland dealt with horribly topical subject matter in the same compassionate, tasteful manner to which we’ve become accustomed over Endeavour’s two series so far.

Read the complete article here.

Endeavour Season 2 – Neverland – Episode Review


Endeavour 2×04 “Neverland”:

[…] I think this episode is the best this year, capturing the pace, wit, characterizations, and humor that made the show unique. Going for a darker feel, the second season has ended by feeling a little bit dull, though, I must comment, it’s still miles ahead of Lewis. “Neverland” changes that, allowing itself some humor amid a dark case, thanks mostly to Roger Allam, Anton Lesser, and the lovely cantankerous James Bradshaw as Max Debryn. Phlegm fatale, indeed.

(Source: Longish)

Endeavour Series 2 Episode 4 ‘Neverland’ An Appreciation


Endeavour Series 2 Episode 4 Neverland


I am still reeling from the series finale ~ but let’s set the scene, a boy (Tommy Cork) has disappeared and a journalist’s body has been found alongside a railway line in mysterious circumstances…. and a young inmate of HMP Farnleigh due for release makes a breakout after listening to his radio alongside a set of Rosary Beads. Contrast with a police Charity Gala Day where a benefactor is donating a huge cheque and where we discover that top ranking police officers are involved in the ‘Old Boys Network’ via the links of the Golf Course. What follows is an intricate set of events which converge on each other throughout and which unearth a far more sinister set of coincidences…

Endeavour is now singing as part of a Church Choral and counterpoised is the police medical of Fred Thursday whose #Ahh’s harmonise with the 

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Endeavour, Neverland. Television Review


Here’s another review on Endeavour‘s “Neverland”:

“Neverland”, captured the essence of what the future Inspector Morse means to a generation of fans. This was the finale in which the fan could only hope for, the scene for which had been coming over the last four weeks and which stretched Shaun Evans, Roger Allam and Anton Lesser to the limit of their acting skills and then threw them over the line in some kind of heroic gesture.

(Source: Liverpool Sound and Vision)

Endeavour 2×04 Neverland TV Review


  • 20 April 2014: Neela Debnath for The Independent

[Endeavour 2×04 “Neverland” is]  a “gripping, sordid, startling and magnificent end to the series”. […]

Series two of Endeavour has offered viewers a series of compelling stories shot in an incredibly cinematic style that elevates it from run-of-the-mill police procedurals.



Endeavour 2×04 Neverland


Endeavour 2×04 Neverland

Oxford police have their hands full in the S2 finale of British detective series Endeavour (a prequel series to the long-running Inspector Morse) as they need to deal with several cases at once: young Tommy Cork (Louis Ashbourne Serkis) has run away from home and journalist Eric Patterson is found dead by a railway track.

While on the look-out for the young boy, DC Endeavour Morse (Shaun Evans) also discovers the body of prison escapee George Aldrige, a former resident of Blenheim Valley, a residential home for wayward boys. The home closed years ago and its site is now being redeveloped for the new police HQ.

Morse’s investigation of this seeminly unlinked cases eventually leads him to Nicholas Myers (Andrew Gower), a junior clerk in a solicitor’s office, and he uncovers a deep mud of horrifying secrets and police corruption, that not only threatens his own life and freedom, but also that of veteran Detective Inspector Fred Thursday (Roger Allam).


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Endeavour episode description and full cast


As plans to build a new police station lead Morse to question his place in the force, he investigates the case of Tommy Cork, a boy from a broken home who has disappeared. Meanwhile, the body of disreputable journalist Eric Patterson has been found on railway tracks in mysterious circumstances. He was last seen embroiled in an argument with a council official about a company preparing to redevelop the site of Blenheim Vale, a disused correctional facility for boys. When a petty criminal with a connection to Blenheim absconds from an open prison, it sets off a chain reaction of events that threaten to expose horrors of the past. Did missing Tommy witness something that cost him his life?

(Source: Radio Times)

The episode will air on ITV on Sunday 20 April at 8pm.

Cast and Crew:

DC Endeavour Morse: Shaun Evans
DI Fred Thursday: Roger Allam
Chief Supt Reginald Bright: Anton Lesser
Dr Max DeBryn: James Bradshaw
DS Peter Jakes: Jack Laskey
PC Jim Strange: Sean Rigby
Henry Portmore: Oliver Coleman
Nicholas Myers: Andrew Gower
Alderman Gerald Wintergreen: Gordon Kennedy
DI Bart Church: Simon Kunz
Benny Topling: Oliver Lansley
Dorothea Frazil: Abigail Thaw
ACC Clive Deare: James Wilby
Tommy Cork: Louis Ashbourne Serkis
`Nosey’ Parker: Martin Hancock
Hilary Portmore: Sarah Beck Mather
Prison officer Wainwright: Mark Flitton
Chief Const Rupert Standish: Derek Hutchinson
Josiah Landesman: Richard Dixon
Hazel Wintergreen: Sarah Woodward
Angela McGarrett: Emma Hiddleston
Joan Thursday: Sara Vickers
Win Thursday: Caroline O’Neill
Sam Thursday: Jack Bannon
Mona Cork: Abby Ford
Monica Hicks: Shvorne Marks
DI Hugh Chard: Vince Leigh
Dr Jasper Fairbridge: Paul Ridley
PC Willis: George Turvey
DI Gregson: Max Gold
Force medical examiner: Nick Waring
Director: Geoffrey Sax
Executive Producer: Michele Buck
Executive Producer: Russell Lewis
Executive Producer: Damien Timmer
Producer: Camille Gatin

Press pack for Endeavour

The press pack for Endeavour series 2 can be found here. It contains the cast list for all the episodes, with Andrew listed third for his episode (NB the episode specific cast lists do not include main cast).

The episode is due to air on Sunday 20 April, however this has not yet been confirmed by ITV.

Andrew Gower cast in Endeavour series 2

We had it confirmed today that Andrew Gower will appear in episode four of Endeavour series two as Nicholas Myers, a junior clerk at a solicitors office.

“December 1966. Change is in the air as winter’s chill grips Oxford. Plans to build a new police station lead both DC Endeavour Morse and DI Fred Thursday to question their respective places on the force. A brace of cases occupy the young detective’s time: a boy, Tommy Cork, reported missing from a broken home, and the body of a washed‐up journalist, found on railroad tracks in mysterious circumstances.”

(Source: ITV)

The episode is called “Neverland” and will air on ITV this month.

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