Catch The Village on Amazon Prime UK

The Village

Thanks to our group member Luanne we were alerted that you can (now?) watch The Village (season 1 and season 2) on Amazon Prime UK and it’s included in your Prime membership! Andrew Gower‘s American and Canadian fans can watch The Village on BritBox!

We highly recommend watching both seasons of the period drama series starring John Simm, Maxine Peake and Matt Stokoe (who plays the other lead in Andrew‘s upcoming film Running Naked) about life in a Derbyshire village in the early 20th century.

You can also spot Andrew‘s character in both seasons: young Gilbert Hankin is played by child actor William Grindey in season 1 where he has some unfortunate encounters with his teacher Mr Ingham (played by Outlander‘s Stephen Walters).


The Village on BritBox

The Village

Both seasons of The Village are now available on subscription-on-demand service BritBox in the US and Canada.

Catch Andrew Gower as adorable Gilbert Hankin as he struggles to find his place in the world and win the heart of his Agnes. Forgotten are the tortures he suffered from the hands of local teacher Crispin Ingham (played by Stephen Walters) during Season One.


New Showreel


A new seven minute showreel video has been added to the website of Andrew Gower‘s agents, Troika Talent.

It includes clips from Monroe, Endeavour, The Village, Being Human, Frankenstein’s Wedding, Murdoch Mysteries, The White Queen and Misfits.


The Village 2×06


The Village 2×06

John Middleton (John Simm) has woken from his coma but is unable to speak. His wife Grace (Maxine Peake) is worried about what he will say and how much he might remember from the accident. Martha (Charlie Murphy) moves back in with her father Reverend Lane (Scott Handy) and is surprised to find Nurse Joy Dangerfield (Juliet Aubrey) living there.

Lady Allingham’s (Juliet Stevenson) world is falling apart: with one of her sons being gay, the other one about to be divorced, she fears she’ll never have an heir. Her daughter Caro (Emily Beecham) reminds her that she already has one: the illegitimate boy Caro had after a brief encounter with Bert Middleton’s older brother Joe (Nico Mirallegro) and who had been given up for adoption without her consent.

Bill Gibby (Derek Riddell), who is now the leader of the city council of Sheffield, is back in the village with plans for a reservoir which could supply Sheffield with clean water but would involve flooding the village. When Grace hears about the plan, she vows to stop it in a passionate speech with the other villagers, including Gilbert (Andrew Gower) and Agnes Hankin (Chloe Harris) applauding her.


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The Village 2×05


The Village 2×05

As John Middleton (John Simm) lies in a coma with severe head trauma, rumours are spreading about the true nature of the relationship between his wife Grace (Maxine Peake) and Labour politician Bill Gibby (Derek Riddell). Two hectoring policemen arrive in the village and start investigating the mass trespass. Their main suspects are Bert Middleton (Tom Varey), Gerrard Eyre (Matt Stokoe) and Gilbert Hankin (Andrew Gower).

George Allingham (Augustus Prew), a principled journalist, is pressured by his family to alter the report of events in their favour. His world is further unsettled when his wife Martha (Charlie Murphy) tells him that she wants to leave him for Gerrard Eyre. A divorce is out of the question for the Allingham family who fear possible damage to Edmund’s (Rupert Evans) political career.

Gerrard and Bert are arrested and put on trial for rioting while Gilbert, whose father is also the village’s magistrate, is no longer a suspect. Key witness of the prosecution is George Allingham, a war hero, on whose words the verdict will be rendered. It is up to him to decide whether to support his family’s interest or follow his conscience.


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The Village 2×04


The Village 2×04

The year is 1924, and the big day has come for two couples: Gilbert Hankin (Andrew Gower) is marrying his Agnes (Chloe Harris) and becomes a stepfather to her baby daughter only days before the Big House wedding between Edmund Allingham (Rupert Evans) and Harriet Kilmartin (Lucy Brown). Will Gilbert’s friend Bert Middleton (Tom Varey) and Phoebe (Phoebe Dynevor) be next?

When a postcard by Ghana Jones (Daniel Ezra) reaches Bert, he questions his prospects on his family’s dairy farm and decides to leave the village, Phoebe and his family to join the boxer in London. Martha (Charlie Murphy) feels similarly trapped in her marriage to the shell-shocked George Allingham (Augustus Prew) and starts an affair with fellow teacher Gerrard Eyre (Matt Stokoe).

Former Labour MP Bill Gibby (Derek Riddell) returns to the village much to Grace Middleton’s (Maxine Peake) delight and just in time to join a peaceful march organized by Minister Robin Lane (Scott Handy). They are protesting against the Allinghams who are fencing off their land and denying the villagers their traditional routes. The peaceful march quickly turns violent and shots are being fired.


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The Village 2×03


The Village 2×03

A pregnant Agnes (Chloe Harris) is desperate after losing her job at Hankin’s boot factory but finds support in Grace Middleton (Maxine Peake). Together with Labour candidate Billy Gibby (Derek Riddell), she tries to persuade Gilbert Hankin (Andrew Gower) to reinstate Agnes in her job. He is forced to decline, but has an even better idea when his stepmother Norma (Ainsley Howard) complains about her increased workload at home.

Things are improving for the Middletons when father John (John Simm) is finally able to sell their milk at the Hankins’ shop after the herd on their rivalling neighbour’s farm is stricken with disease. This, however, puts an end to Bert’s (Tom Varey) regular runs to the train station, which forces him to make a decision regarding the station master’s daughter Phoebe (Phoebe Dynevor).

Lord Kilmartin’s (Julian Sand) daughter Harriet (Lucy Brown) is on a visit at the Allinghams and Lady Allingham (Juliet Stevenson) hopes the young woman will make a suitable bride for her (gay) son Edmund (Rupert Evans). The lively Harriet is interested in the match – but for surprising reasons. On polling day, Bill Gibby wins Edmund Allingham’s seat in Parliament for the Labour party.


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The Village 2×02


The Village 2×02

Arnold Hankin (Anthony Flanagan) surprises his wife Norman (Ainsley Howard) with his latest idea: he wants to open a dance hall. He leaves the business of the boot factory to his son Gilbert (Andrew Gower), who is secretly in love with the factory worker Agnes (Chloe Harris). When he tries to do Agnes a favour, things take a turn for the worse, and he is forced to fire Agnes but vows to make her life better.

Nurse Joy Dangerfield (Juliet Aubrey) comes to the village to teach the family planning methods of Marie Stopes. Her first patient is Agnes, who is pregnant by her abusive lover Bairstow (Joe Armstrong). Norma also consults Nurse Dangerfield in hopes that her advice will help spike things up in the Hankin’s marital bed and result in a baby of her own.

While John Middleton (John Simm) struggles to keep his dairy business going without a barn, his wife Grace (Maxine Peake) is drawn to Labour candidate Bill Gibby (Derek Riddell) and goes on a bicycle ride with him. Even though he knows about the affair, a shy Gilbert asks Agnes to go to the dance hall opening with him, and a determined Phoebe (Phoebe Dynevor) invites Bert Middleton (Tom Varey).


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The Village 2×01


The Village 2×01

It’s the year 1923 in the village and the Middletons are barely making ends meet with their dairy farm while the Allinghams are hosting a house party for the arrogant and eccentric Lord Kilmartin (Julian Sand), who they hope will assist Edmund Allingham’s (Rupert Evans) political progress. Part of the entertainment is the traditional “Hare & Hound Race” with Bert Middleton (Tom Varey) volunteering as the runner.

With the help of his former teacher Gerrard Eyre (Matt Stokoe) and villager Margaret Boden (Annabelle Apsion), he manages to avoid capture and celebrates the victory with his friend Gilbert Hankin (Andrew Gower) and the rest of the village in the pub where they reminisce about the past. However, Lord Kilmartin accuses Bert of cheating and refuses to pay the prize money.

At a boxing competition, Edmund’s opening words are upstaged by the passionate speech of Labour candidate Bill Gibby (Derek Riddell). Determined to win enough money to leave the village and start a new life elsewhere, Bert enters the ring with black boxer Ghana Jones (Daniel Ezra) but loses. Bert’s mother Grace (Maxine Peake) finally decides to make a stand for her son and shames Edmund into paying Bert his money.


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The Village series two delayed?

BBC Media Centre have until this morning had The Village listed in week 31 (Sat 2 – Friday 8 August) with rumours abound that the first episode would air on BBC One on Sunday 3 August at 9pm, in keeping with the series one schedule.

However, it has just been announced that the Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony will be aired from 9pm that day, and all references to The Village in week 31 have been removed from the website.

We will of course update as soon as we hear more.

The Village – Episode Synopses

The Village

BBC Media Centre have published the synopsis for episodes one and two of series two of The Village, due to air next month on BBC One.

You can read them here.

The date and time is still to be confirmed but we’ll announce it as soon as we know.

They have also added an overview of the series by Peter Moffat, which you can read here.

First image of Andrew Gower in The Village

The BBC have released the first image of Andrew Gower in the role of Gilbert Hankin in series 2 of The Village. The image shows him holding Tom Varey (Bert Middleton) aloft on his shoulders, assisted by Matt Stokoe (Gerrard Eyre).

The Village

There is no release date for the series, but we will keep you posted as and when we receive news.

Andrew Gower cast in S2 of The Village

The Middletons in season 1 of The Village

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Andrew Gower has been cast in series two of The Village. Set in 1923, Andrew will be playing Gilbert Hankin, a friend of Bert (played by newcomer Tom Varey), son of series one’s main characters John and Grace Middleton (John Simm and Maxine Peake).

Filming commences in Derbyshire this week and continues into July 2014. The series will be shown on the BBC later this year. Further news and images will be posted here as and when we get them.