Catch The Village on Amazon Prime UK

Thanks to our group member Luanne we were alerted that you can (now?) watch The Village (season 1 and season 2) on Amazon Prime UK and it's included in your Prime membership! Andrew Gower's American and Canadian fans can watch The Village on BritBox! We highly recommend watching both seasons of the period drama series … Continue reading Catch The Village on Amazon Prime UK

The Village on BritBox

Both seasons of The Village are now available on subscription-on-demand service BritBox in the US and Canada. Catch Andrew Gower as adorable Gilbert Hankin as he struggles to find his place in the world and win the heart of his Agnes. Forgotten are the tortures he suffered from the hands of local teacher Crispin Ingham … Continue reading The Village on BritBox

Outlander Season 2 Casts Bonnie Prince Charlie, Jamie’s Cousin and More

Variety has now confirmed Andrew's casting as Bonnie Prince Charlie in Outlander: Andrew Gower (“The Village,” “A.D. The Bible Continues”) has been cast as Prince Charles Edward Stuart in the new season, Variety has confirmed. When Charles Stuart isn’t carousing with his Jacobite supporters, the young heir to the exiled Catholic royal dynasty is plotting … Continue reading Outlander Season 2 Casts Bonnie Prince Charlie, Jamie’s Cousin and More

The Village 2×06

The Village 2x06 John Middleton (John Simm) has woken from his coma but is unable to speak. His wife Grace (Maxine Peake) is worried about what he will say and how much he might remember from the accident. Martha (Charlie Murphy) moves back in with her father Reverend Lane (Scott Handy) and is surprised to … Continue reading The Village 2×06

The Village 2×05

The Village 2x05 As John Middleton (John Simm) lies in a coma with severe head trauma, rumours are spreading about the true nature of the relationship between his wife Grace (Maxine Peake) and Labour politician Bill Gibby (Derek Riddell). Two hectoring policemen arrive in the village and start investigating the mass trespass. Their main suspects … Continue reading The Village 2×05

The Village 2×04

The Village 2x04 The year is 1924, and the big day has come for two couples: Gilbert Hankin (Andrew Gower) is marrying his Agnes (Chloe Harris) and becomes a stepfather to her baby daughter only days before the Big House wedding between Edmund Allingham (Rupert Evans) and Harriet Kilmartin (Lucy Brown). Will Gilbert's friend Bert … Continue reading The Village 2×04

The Village 2×03

The Village 2x03 A pregnant Agnes (Chloe Harris) is desperate after losing her job at Hankin's boot factory but finds support in Grace Middleton (Maxine Peake). Together with Labour candidate Billy Gibby (Derek Riddell), she tries to persuade Gilbert Hankin (Andrew Gower) to reinstate Agnes in her job. He is forced to decline, but has … Continue reading The Village 2×03

The Village 2×02

The Village 2x02 Arnold Hankin (Anthony Flanagan) surprises his wife Norma (Ainsley Howard) with his latest idea: he wants to open a dance hall. He leaves the business of the boot factory to his son Gilbert (Andrew Gower), who is secretly in love with the factory worker Agnes (Chloe Harris). When he tries to do … Continue reading The Village 2×02

The Village 2×01

The Village 2x01 It's the year 1923 in the village and the Middletons are barely making ends meet with their dairy farm while the Allinghams are hosting a house party for the arrogant and eccentric Lord Kilmartin (Julian Sand), who they hope will assist Edmund Allingham's (Rupert Evans) political progress. Part of the entertainment is … Continue reading The Village 2×01