The Village 2×05


The Village 2×05

As John Middleton (John Simm) lies in a coma with severe head trauma, rumours are spreading about the true nature of the relationship between his wife Grace (Maxine Peake) and Labour politician Bill Gibby (Derek Riddell). Two hectoring policemen arrive in the village and start investigating the mass trespass. Their main suspects are Bert Middleton (Tom Varey), Gerrard Eyre (Matt Stokoe) and Gilbert Hankin (Andrew Gower).

George Allingham (Augustus Prew), a principled journalist, is pressured by his family to alter the report of events in their favour. His world is further unsettled when his wife Martha (Charlie Murphy) tells him that she wants to leave him for Gerrard Eyre. A divorce is out of the question for the Allingham family who fear possible damage to Edmund’s (Rupert Evans) political career.

Gerrard and Bert are arrested and put on trial for rioting while Gilbert, whose father is also the village’s magistrate, is no longer a suspect. Key witness of the prosecution is George Allingham, a war hero, on whose words the verdict will be rendered. It is up to him to decide whether to support his family’s interest or follow his conscience.


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