The Village 2×03


The Village 2×03

A pregnant Agnes (Chloe Harris) is desperate after losing her job at Hankin’s boot factory but finds support in Grace Middleton (Maxine Peake). Together with Labour candidate Billy Gibby (Derek Riddell), she tries to persuade Gilbert Hankin (Andrew Gower) to reinstate Agnes in her job. He is forced to decline, but has an even better idea when his stepmother Norma (Ainsley Howard) complains about her increased workload at home.

Things are improving for the Middletons when father John (John Simm) is finally able to sell their milk at the Hankins’ shop after the herd on their rivalling neighbour’s farm is stricken with disease. This, however, puts an end to Bert’s (Tom Varey) regular runs to the train station, which forces him to make a decision regarding the station master’s daughter Phoebe (Phoebe Dynevor).

Lord Kilmartin’s (Julian Sand) daughter Harriet (Lucy Brown) is on a visit at the Allinghams and Lady Allingham (Juliet Stevenson) hopes the young woman will make a suitable bride for her (gay) son Edmund (Rupert Evans). The lively Harriet is interested in the match – but for surprising reasons. On polling day, Bill Gibby wins Edmund Allingham’s seat in Parliament for the Labour party.


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