The Village 2×02


The Village 2×02

Arnold Hankin (Anthony Flanagan) surprises his wife Norma (Ainsley Howard) with his latest idea: he wants to open a dance hall. He leaves the business of the boot factory to his son Gilbert (Andrew Gower), who is secretly in love with the factory worker Agnes (Chloe Harris). When he tries to do Agnes a favour, things take a turn for the worse, and he is forced to fire Agnes but vows to make her life better.

Nurse Joy Dangerfield (Juliet Aubrey) comes to the village to teach the family planning methods of Marie Stopes. Her first patient is Agnes, who is pregnant by her abusive lover Bairstow (Joe Armstrong). Norma also consults Nurse Dangerfield in hopes that her advice will help spike things up in the Hankins’ marital bed and result in a baby of her own.

While John Middleton (John Simm) struggles to keep his dairy business going without a barn, his wife Grace (Maxine Peake) is drawn to Labour candidate Bill Gibby (Derek Riddell) and goes on a bicycle ride with him. Even though he knows about the affair, a shy Gilbert asks Agnes to go to the dance hall opening with him, and a determined Phoebe (Phoebe Dynevor) invites Bert Middleton (Tom Varey).


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