New Showreel


A new seven minute showreel video has been added to the website of Andrew Gower‘s agents, Troika Talent.

It includes clips from Monroe, Endeavour, The Village, Being Human, Frankenstein’s Wedding, Murdoch Mysteries, The White Queen and Misfits.


The White Queen – Canadian air date

Lord Strange

Apologies for the late reporting of this news, but The White Queen began on Super Channel in Canada on 6 September.  You can watch the first episode online at their website if you missed it, or it is repeated at the following times:

  • 9 Sep @ 1:00am on Super Channel 1
  • 10 Sep @ 11:05pm on Super Channel 2
  • 11 Sep @ 3:05am on Super Channel 2
  • 6 Oct @ 1:00 pm on Super Channel 1

Andrew Gower appears in episodes 9 and 10 as Lord Strange.

No second season for The White Queen

Lord Strange

The BBC has confirmed that there will be no second season of The White Queen, stating “it was never actually conceived as a returnable series” (source).

This will come as a blow to Andrew Gower’s fans who had hoped to see more of Lord Strange in a potential second season, following his short but sweet scenes as Lord Stanley’s (Rupert Graves) son in episodes 9 and 10.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the BBC would have had a hit on its hands if it had adapted the book ‘The White Princess‘, about Henry Tudor and Elizabeth of York? Or did the historical inaccuracies mean the series was always doomed?

The White Queen Ep 10 The Final Battle


The White Queen ep 10 The Final Battle

Historical reference: The Battle of Bosworth Field (Wikipedia)

After the disappearance of her sons, the former queen Elizabeth (Rebecca Ferguson) has returned to court with her two daughters, Lizzie (Freya Mavor) and Cecily (Elinor Crawley). Soon rumours emerge that King Richard (Aneurin Barnard) himself has taken an interest in his niece Lizzie, which causes friction between the King and his wife Queen Anne (Faye Marsay). When the young Prince of Wales suddenly dies, Queen Anne’s health deteriotes and she passes away soon after.

Stricken with grief and guilt, King Richard sends Lizzie away to live at the household of Lord Stanley (Rupert Graves) and Margaret Beaufort (Amanda Hale). Despite the rumours of her affair, Lizzie is still betrothed to Margeret’s son Henry Tudor (Michael Marcus), the Lancastrian heir to the throne. Henry and his uncle Jasper Tudor (Tom McKay) have come to England to claim Richard’s throne and the two armies prepare for battle near Bosworth Field.

Things are not looking good for the outnumbered Tudor army while Lord Stanley’s forces could decide the battle. However, King Richard has taken Lord Strange (Andrew Gower) hostage and threatens to kill him if Lord Stanley doesn’t declare his allegiance for the King. The last defining battle in the Wars of the Roses has begun.


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The White Queen Ep 9 The Princes in the Tower


The White Queen ep 9 The Princes in the Tower

The White Queen is a mini series based on Philippa Gregory‘s historical novel series The Cousins’ War and presents the story of the women involved in the Wars of the Roses, mainly Elizabeth WoodvilleMargaret Beaufort and Anne Neville, who relentlessly plot to put their idea of the “rightful” king on the throne.

Historical reference: The Princes in the Tower (Wikipedia)

It is the year 1484. After the sudden death of King Edward (Max Irons), his brother Richard (Aneurin Barnard) has crowned himself king instead of serving as regent for his underaged nephew Prince Edward (Sonny Ashbourne Serkis). To secure his position, he declares the marriage between King Edward and Elizabeth Woodville (Rebecca Ferguson) invalid and their children as illegitimate. Queen Anne (Faye Marsay) visits Sir Robert Brackenbury (Shaun Dooley), the Constable of the Tower, in secret to express her fears that her husband’s throne will not be safe as long as the princes, who are imprisoned in the Tower, are alive.

Lord Thomas Stanley (Rupert Graves) gathers a rescue party to free the princes from the Tower but convinces his wife Margaret Beaufort (Amanda Hale) that her son Henry Tudor (Michael Marcus) would benefit from the boys’ death. Before they strike, Lord Stanley sends his own son, Lord Strange (Andrew Gower) with a letter to Brackenbury warning him of the attack thus ensuring that – no matter the outcome – he can always be seen as a supporter of the winning party. The attempt fails as well as a rebellion led by the Duke of Buckingham (Arthur Darvill) and Stanley, who betrayed his wife’s part in the revolt, is awarded her lands while she is placed under house arrest.


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The White Queen to air in Canada

The Canadian pay TV channel Super Channel has extended its licensing deal with Starz in order to bring The White Queen to Canada, along with Andrew’s Monroe co-star Tom Riley‘s Da Vinci’s Demons (which will begin tomorrow, 14 June). The air date for The White Queen has not yet been confirmed.

You can read more on the Hollywood Reporter.

The White Queen – UK air date confirmation

The BBC have now confirmed that The White Queen will air on BBC One on Sunday 16 June at 9pm. This means Andrew’s episodes will air on 11 and 18 August.

The author of the novel, Phillipa Gregory will appear on The One Show on BBC One tonight (Wednesday 5 June 2013) talking about the series.

The White Queen episode info

It has today been confirmed by The White Queen screenwriter Emma Frost that Andrew will be appearing in episodes 9 and 10 of the series, rather than just episode 10 as we previously believed.

This means Andrew’s character Lord Strange will appear in the week following 5 October in the US and 10 August in the UK.

The White Queen – UK air date


EDIT – The White Queen Facebook page that has announced that the series will begin on Sunday 16 June has been confirmed by the BBC as an unofficial account. We will update when we have confirmed news.

It has been announced that The White Queen will air in the UK during week 25 (15 – 21 June 2013) on BBC One. This means we will see Andrew Gower‘s episode during the week of 17 August 2013.

It has previously been announced that the series will begin on Starz in the US on 10 August, meaning Andrew’s episode will air there on 12 October.

The Netherlands air date (on VRT) has yet to be announced.

We will announce the confirmed air date as soon as we get it.

Press pack for The White Queen

The White Queen

The press pack for The White Queen has been made available on the BBC Media Centre website. Full of facts and information, it’s a great read.

Don’t be alarmed that Andrew’s name isn’t in the long cast list at the end – it’s mentioned within the main text!

The UK air date is still TBC; it will air in Starz in the US on 10 August.

BBC’s The White Queen website launched


The BBC have launched their website for The White Queen, with an air date of June 2013.

Andrew is due to appear in episode 10, meaning we should see his episode at the end of August or start of September. We will post the air date as soon as it’s confirmed.

The DVD release date has also been changed to 12 August.

The White Queen – DVD release date

Amazon currently have the DVD of The White Queen available to pre-order, with a release date of 29 July.

Even if the final episode airs the night before the DVD release, this puts episode one as airing by 26 May at the latest – although it’s unlikely to be the 26 as the BBC have confirmed episode one of Case Histories as airing 8.30pm – 10.00pm on BBC One on Sunday 19 May (so our previous air date prediction was incorrect).

More when we get it!

The White Queen teaser trailer to air this weekend on BBC One

Emma Frost, screenwriter of The White Queen, has today tweeted that the first teaser trailer will air on BBC One this Saturday after The Voice and also this Sunday after The Village.

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The White Queen to air in May on the BBC?

The Telegraph have today reported that, while there is no confirmed air date, The White Queen is due to air this month on the BBC.

The Programme Highlights have been released up to and including week 20 (11 – 17 May) on the BBC Media Centre website; given that this programme will be fairly high profile we believe that the BBC would have included The White Queen in their highlights, so it is likely that it will air after that. Our guess is that it will take the time slot about to be released by The Village (concluding Sunday 5 May at 9pm), with the BAFTAs taking that slot in week 20.

So, our prediction, to be taken with a massive pinch of salt – Sunday 19 May at 9pm. Let’s see if we’re right!

The White Queen to air this month in the UK, August in the US.

The Guardian and RTE have both reported that The White Queen will begin on BBC One this month. This could mean we see Andrew as Lord Strange as early as mid-June.

The Starz website has also updated their The White Queen page, giving August 2013 as their airdate.

We will of course confirm as soon as we hear anything. In the meantime, here is the first trailer for The White Queen, released by Starz a few days ago.

[The video has been removed.]

The White Queen air date put back to July?

The Daily Mail have today reported that the air date of The White Queen, in which Andrew appears in episode 10 as Lord Strange, has been put back to July.  It had originally been reported that the programme would air in the spring. The article also mentions that the US version (due to air on the Starz network) will feature slightly longer scenes.

You can read the article in full here. We will of course report here as soon as the air date is confirmed.

EDIT – writer Emma Frost has denied the story in the Daily Mail on Twitter, stating that the air date has not changed and will be announced soon.