Endeavour Series 2 Episode 4 ‘Neverland’ An Appreciation


Endeavour Series 2 Episode 4 Neverland


I am still reeling from the series finale ~ but let’s set the scene, a boy (Tommy Cork) has disappeared and a journalist’s body has been found alongside a railway line in mysterious circumstances…. and a young inmate of HMP Farnleigh due for release makes a breakout after listening to his radio alongside a set of Rosary Beads. Contrast with a police Charity Gala Day where a benefactor is donating a huge cheque and where we discover that top ranking police officers are involved in the ‘Old Boys Network’ via the links of the Golf Course. What follows is an intricate set of events which converge on each other throughout and which unearth a far more sinister set of coincidences…

Endeavour is now singing as part of a Church Choral and counterpoised is the police medical of Fred Thursday whose #Ahh’s harmonise with the 

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