Nutritiously Nicola rewards


All backers of Double Yay Productions’ Nutritiously Nicola!, who chose the “Guy Titt” special reward, should have received one of these personalized autographs in their letter box by now.

Since Andrew Gower sadly had to drop out of the project due to scheduling conflicts with Carnival Row, Double Yay Productions couldn’t use a production still from the set of Nutritiously Nicola! (as originally planned) and we feel honoured (and just a “little” chuffed) that they asked to use one of our shots of Andrew at Creation Entertainment’s Outlander Vegas convention.

Big thanks to Andrew and Double Yay Productions for making this possible!

‘Carnival Row’: Andrew Gower & Jamie Harris Set To Recur In Amazon’s Fantasy Drama Series


According to, Andrew was cast in a recurring role in a new show for Amazon Prime.

Carnival Row is described as a fantasy-noir set in a neo-Victorian city. Mythical creatures fleeing their war-torn homeland have gathered in the city, and tensions are simmering between citizens and the growing immigrant population. The series follows the investigation into a string of unsolved murders that are eating away at whatever uneasy peace still exists. It’s slated for premiere in 2019.

Gower will play Ezra Spurnrose, the scion of one of the most prominent families in the Burgue. When a business deal sours he finds himself under financial straights and reluctantly agrees, at his sister Imogen’s behest, to enter into a partnership with a wealthy Puck who has moved in across the street. When he begins to suspect that Imogen is falling in love with the Puck, Ezra will stop at nothing to protect his family’s reputation.


This means Carnival Row is the “mysterious” new project that forced Andrew to withdraw from playing Guy Titt in Nutritiously Nicola!.

We wish him all the best for this new role. He sure sounds excited about it!

ETA: and SpoilerTV have now also reported Andrew’s casting news.

Andrew no longer part of Nutritiously Nicola

Very sad to announce that due to a scheduling conflict with a new, not yet specified, project, Andrew Gower had to drop out of Nutritiously Nicola! which he revealed today on Twitter.

We wish him all the best for his new project, which we can’t wait to find out more about.

ETA: Double Yay Productions assured us that everyone, who backed Nutritiously Nicola! during their Kickstarter campaign and chose one of the Guy Titt perks, needn’t worry. Andrew will fulfull this commitment and you’ll receive your autographs etc soon!

Nutritiously Nicola Kickstarter campaign ends

Congratulations to Nutritiously Nicola!

Double Yay Productions Kickstarter campaign for their flagship project ended today raising £16,900 (of the targeted goal of £16,000) to produce the web series.

We cannot wait to see Andrew Gower as Guy Titt in this “dirty comedy about clean eating”!

24 hours left to help Nutritiously Nicola


Only 24 hours left to support Andrew‘s new project Nutritiously Nicola! and Double Yay Productions, which means only 24 hours left for you to grab one of their perks. Check out their Kickstarter campaign page for more information!


Nutritiously Nicola reaches goal!


Huge congratulations to Double Yay Productions & Nutritiously Nicola!

With only 3 days to go they finally reached their goal! Nutritiously Nicola! is officially a go!

Lewis Brothers Join Nutritiously Nicola

Double Yay Productions have been teasing two new secret cast members for Nutritiously Nicola! for a while now. Today they finally revealed: it’s brothers Matthew and Anthony Lewis!

Harry Potter fans among you will of course know Matthew Lewis as Neville Longbottom, Harry’s clumsy, chubby Hogwarts friend.

Anthony Lewis is probably best known for his role in British cult soap opera Emmerdale, but Andrew Gower fans will also recognize him from Frankenstein’s Wedding, where he played the policeman who had a pivotal role in the live event’s conclusion.

Special Guy Titt reward for Nutritiously Nicola

Screenshot_Nutritiously Nicola

A limited number of special Guy Titt rewards are now up for the Nutritiously Nicola! Kickstarter campaign. They’re only available until tomorrow, so grab them while they’re hot!


With only 14 hours left to claim your Gut Titt special reward, Double Yay Productions have added this juicy bit of information:

Sounds like the chance of a lifetime! What are you waiting for?!


Character profile: Guy Titt


Ahead of Andrew‘s Q&A tonight, Double Yay Productions  released some more information on his character Guy Titt:

Andrew will be playing Guy Titt, a male fitness, food and lifestyle instagrammer who approaches Nicola for a collaboration as he believes that she will be good ‘content’.

Guy has millions of followers, a book deal (despite the fact he can’t read or write) and an infectious enthusiasm which convinces people that he must be talking a lot of sense. He convinces people to follow his lifestyle through an incessant use of the word ‘bosh!’ and a dislike for wearing shirts. He sees constant opportunities of workout and is, indeed, constantly working out, often in very inappropriate moments.

He is a very important character within the series, as he represents the growing male obsession with body image/eating/exercise. The common misconception is that eating disorders and body dysmorphia are female issues, but it’s effecting a growing number of men. Guy Titt definitely has an exercise addiction, and possibly a form of orthorexia.

Part of the criticism leveled at the recent Netflix film ‘To The Bone’, about eating disorders, was that it focused on the stereotypical image of a white, female, thin, middle-class, anorexic. With ‘Nicola’ we want to show that this is a problem which effects a wide spectrum of people, including men.

Whilst that all sounds very serious – it’s worth pointing out that the whole show is fairly surreal and weird at times – and Guy Titt is probably the most surreal of the lot. He’s going to be hilarious.

(Source: Nutritiously Nicola Blog)

Nutritiously Nicola Q&A with Andrew Gower


Double Yay Productions will do a video Q&A with Andrew Gower tomorrow, 8 August 2017, at 7pm, and you can send in your questions here!

You have a question but no Twitter account? No problem! Just send us an e-mail and we’ll forward the question for you!

ETA (8 August 2017):

These are the questions we’ve received so far. We cannot wait to hear which ones Andrew will answer – and what his answers will be!

  • Favourite comfort food?
  • What meal would his mom cook for him as a treat?
  • If he had to choose: Scouse or haggis?
  • Can he cook himself & if so, what’s his go-to meal?
  • Is he a picky or an adventurous eater?
  • What’s the most exotic food he’s ever tried?
  • Why are crisps his room 101 (“1984”)? Wondering about this ever since we read this interview!
  • Why ? Why not FC Merlot or FC Shiraz? And why red wine, wouldn’t FC Carlsberg be more “football” like?

Thank you for your questions and keep them coming! Double Yay Productions assures us, we’ve not used up our quota of questions yet!

ETA (9 August 2017):

He answered almost ALL of them, including giving an amazing shout-out to our fan group! We’re chuffed beyond words! Thank you, Andrew!

Check out the video Q&A here:

ETA (9 August 2017):

To tipp it all off, Andrew’s football team FC Beaujolais replied to our tweet as well!

Luke Allen-Gale joins Nutritiously Nicola


Great news!

Thanks to Nutritiously Nicola! and Double Yay Productions these two will be united!

Monroe fans will remember Luke Allen-Gale who played fellow trainee surgeon Daniel Springer at St Matthews Hospital and friend to Andrew Gower‘s character Mullery.

One more reason to keep all our fingers crossed, that Nutritiously Nicola! will receive their funding. 🤞

Support their Kickstarter campaign here and share the link!

Andrew in new web series Nutritiously Nicola


Andrew Gower‘s tweet today had us intrigued and we did some digging on Nutritiously Nicola!, a “dirty comedy about clean eating”.

This is what we found out:

  • Nutritiously Nicola! will be a web series consisting of 6 episodes (each 6-7mins long)
  • Natalie Bray, Caroline Amer and Rebecca Tanwen Morgan are the masterminds behind Double Yay Productions
  • Nutritiously Nicola! is their flagship production and they aim to have it financed via their Kickstarter campaign launched today
  • Andrew will play the role of Guy Titt, “a male fitness, food and lifestyle instagrammer”

We are so very excited to see Andrew in a comedy, and will certainly give Double Yay Productions our full support. Good luck, girls! 🤞