Character profile: Guy Titt


Ahead of Andrew‘s Q&A tonight, Double Yay Productions  released some more information on his character Guy Titt:

Andrew will be playing Guy Titt, a male fitness, food and lifestyle instagrammer who approaches Nicola for a collaboration as he believes that she will be good ‘content’.

Guy has millions of followers, a book deal (despite the fact he can’t read or write) and an infectious enthusiasm which convinces people that he must be talking a lot of sense. He convinces people to follow his lifestyle through an incessant use of the word ‘bosh!’ and a dislike for wearing shirts. He sees constant opportunities of workout and is, indeed, constantly working out, often in very inappropriate moments.

He is a very important character within the series, as he represents the growing male obsession with body image/eating/exercise. The common misconception is that eating disorders and body dysmorphia are female issues, but it’s effecting a growing number of men. Guy Titt definitely has an exercise addiction, and possibly a form of orthorexia.

Part of the criticism leveled at the recent Netflix film ‘To The Bone’, about eating disorders, was that it focused on the stereotypical image of a white, female, thin, middle-class, anorexic. With ‘Nicola’ we want to show that this is a problem which effects a wide spectrum of people, including men.

Whilst that all sounds very serious – it’s worth pointing out that the whole show is fairly surreal and weird at times – and Guy Titt is probably the most surreal of the lot. He’s going to be hilarious.

(Source: Nutritiously Nicola Blog)