Meet Andrew Gower at London Film and Comic Con

As an early Christmas present for his fans, Showmaster's London Film & Comic Con announced Andrew Gower today as one of their guests for their summer edition. The event will take place from 24 - 26 July 2020 at Olympia London. Andrew will only attend on Saturday, 25 July, and he'll be joined by fellow … Continue reading Meet Andrew Gower at London Film and Comic Con

Can watching Poldark change your speech pattern? 


Poldark Corner

Judas; yes!

It does not matter if you are a native English speaker, British, or even Cornish; when you watch Poldark, you need a new set of ears.

After all, it is the authentic feel of Poldark that has seduced audiences all over the world. A bit of jesting with the English grammar is most certainly welcome. Winston Graham made an enormous effort to make the dialogues as close to reality as possible. Not only did he mix with the locals and talked to them to learn the details of their spoken tongue, he developed a linguistic method to capture the mood of the 18th century for Poldark. Every time before attempting to continue with the story, he followed a ritual. He read the great works of the late 18th century writers to exercise his mind. This allowed him to recreate dialogues which would have been heard at that time…

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Poldark S5 on Netflix France

Great news for our French fans: Season 5 of Poldark will be released on Netflix France on Tuesday 1 October 2019 Friday 11 October 2019! Don't miss Andrew Gower as James Hadfield in the first two episodes of the popular period drama, and the moment Being Human's John Mitchell (Aidan Turner) finally meets Nick Cutler! ETA … Continue reading Poldark S5 on Netflix France

Poldark Finale on BBC1

The BBC Press Office announced today that the final two episodes of Poldark will air on BBC One over the August Holiday weekend. Prepare yourselves for "an exciting action-packed double bill". The penultimate episode of the series will air on Sunday 25 August 2019 at 8:00pm followed by the finale on Monday 26 August 2019 … Continue reading Poldark Finale on BBC1

Poldark Screenings USA

Good news for our American Poldark fans: after screenings in London and Cornwall, the first episode of the 5th season of the popular period drama will also be presented at special events across the USA. This post will be updated with information about the ones we can find! Click the links to find out more … Continue reading Poldark Screenings USA

Poldark 5×02 Screencaps

The second - and sadly Andrew's final - episode of Poldark's 5th season aired tonight in the UK – time to say good-bye to James Hadfield, yet again an "insanely" good performance by Andrew Gower. What did you think of the episode? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter! As always we have a full … Continue reading Poldark 5×02 Screencaps

Poldark 5×02 (Synopsis)

Poldark 5×02 After Ned Despard's (Vincent Regan) release from prison, Ross (Aidan Turner) must now help him restore his good name and have him reinstated as Superintendent of British Honduras. Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) and the children have come to London and together with Ned's wife Kitty (Kerri McLean) they try to support their husbands. Back … Continue reading Poldark 5×02 (Synopsis)

Poldark S5 – International Air Dates

Here's an overview over the release dates for Poldark's final season as far as we could find them. If you have any further info, please contact us on Facebook, Twitter or via e-mail, so we can edit this list! U.K. - Sunday 14 July 2019, 9:00 - 10:00 pm on BBC1 Ireland - Sunday 14 … Continue reading Poldark S5 – International Air Dates

Poldark S5 in Germany

In a surprise move the German Sony Channel have announced yesterday that they will show the season 5 episodes of British period drama Poldark only 24 hours after they've premiered in the UK. The channel can be received in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For more information, please have a look at the Sony Channel website … Continue reading Poldark S5 in Germany

Poldark 5×01 Screencaps

The first episode of the final Poldark season finally premiered in the UK - and with that we also got to meet James Hadfield, as always magnificently played by Andrew Gower. What did you think of the episode? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter! If you want to re-live Andrew's scenes (or don't mind … Continue reading Poldark 5×01 Screencaps

Poldark 5×01 (Synopsis)

Poldark 5x01 The fifth and final season of the popular British perdiod drama is set just after the turn of the century in 1800. The characters are still reeling from the tragic events of the previous season finale, when Ross (Aidan Turner) receives a letter from an old friend who is wrongfully imprisoned and needs … Continue reading Poldark 5×01 (Synopsis)

Poldark S5 in Australia

We are receiving a lot of questions about the airdate for Poldark in Australia. With some research we found out that ABC TV is currently doing a re-run of series 4 and we assume this will lead directly into the new episodes. Upcoming this Saturday 13 July 2019 is episode 4x04, which means the series … Continue reading Poldark S5 in Australia

Poldark S5 on PBS

PBS have announced the release date for the 5th series of period drama Poldark. Our American followers can watch the episodes - featuring Andrew Gower as James Hadfield - starting on Sunday 29 September 2019 at 9/8c on MASTERPIECE on PBS! BBC One premiers the final series in the UK this Sunday 14 July 2019 … Continue reading Poldark S5 on PBS

Poldark Fans: Meet James Hadfield!

Thanks to, we can present to you the first picture of Andrew Gower as James Hadfield as he appears in the 5th and final season of Poldark. At least this time we get a proper look at his face, unblocked by any weapons or other items. 😉 >>> See the full sized picture in … Continue reading Poldark Fans: Meet James Hadfield!

6 things we learned from the new Poldark series 5 trailer

Radio Times have broken down the new Poldark season 5 trailer for us and presented a list of six things we've learned from it. Spoiler alert: item number six on their list comes with a familiar face! It's none other than our Andrew Gower aka James Hadfield! Episode 1 of Poldark's final season is now … Continue reading 6 things we learned from the new Poldark series 5 trailer

Poldark: First Teaser Trailer

The BBC have finally released a first teaser trailer for the upcoming final season of Poldark, which will air in the UK starting Sunday, 14 July 2019. It not only gives fans an idea what the new season is about, it also offered a first glance at James Hadfield, the character Andrew Gower is … Continue reading Poldark: First Teaser Trailer

Poldark S5 on BBC – Date, Cast & Plot

A little sooner than expected the BBC have announced the released date for the first episode of hit TV show Poldark's final season. As we've speculated before it is: >>> 14 July 2019 <<< They also added a synopsis for the first of eight episodes * (contains spoilers!): The Poldarks look forward to life together … Continue reading Poldark S5 on BBC – Date, Cast & Plot

Pre-Order Poldark S5 on Blu-ray and DVD

We're still about a month away from the premiere of Poldark's final series but you can already pre-order your copy. You can either buy it individually or own the complete series 1 -5 in a box set on Blu-ray or DVD. Series 5 Series 1 - 5 Both box sets are confirmed to be released … Continue reading Pre-Order Poldark S5 on Blu-ray and DVD

Poldark Screening in Cornwall

If you missed out on tickets for the BFI screening and Q&A in London, here's another chance to see the first episode of the final Poldark season before TV audiences will: The BBC announced a second screening plus Q&A at the Regal Theatre in Redruth (Cornwall) on Thursday, 20 June 2019. How to get tickets … Continue reading Poldark Screening in Cornwall

Carnival Row in Final Editing

According to actor Ryan Hayes's Instagram, who will play Constable Hatch in Andrew's upcoming fantasy-noir series Carnival Row, the Amazon Prime production is in its final stages! The actor was called in for an ADR (automated dialogue replacement) session which is usually done towards the end of the editing and post-production process. Orlando Bloom and … Continue reading Carnival Row in Final Editing

Win Tickets to the Poldark BFI Screening

The official Poldark Facebook page is giving away free tickets for the BFI Screening of the first episode of season 5 including a Q&A with actors Aidan Turner (Ross Poldark), Ellise Chappell (Morwenna Carne), Luke Norris (Dwight Enys), and writer Debbie Horsfield. Andrew Gower will play historical figure James Hadfield in the upcoming series. The … Continue reading Win Tickets to the Poldark BFI Screening

Air Date for Poldark S5?

Because we all cannot wait to see the new season of Poldark - and Andrew Gower as James Hadfield! - we couldn't help ourselves and here's a little speculation! Previously, we thought we might get S5 as soon as 9 June but that date seems unlikely now as the BFI screening is scheduled only 4 … Continue reading Air Date for Poldark S5?

Poldark BFI Screening and Q&A

The BFI (British Film Institute) has announced the date for a special screening event for the first episode of Poldark's fifth and final season. You will be able to see the episode and attend the following Q&A with confirmed guests Aidan Turner (Ross Poldark), Jack Farthing (George Warleggan), Luke Norris (Dwight Enys), Ellise Chappell (Morwenna … Continue reading Poldark BFI Screening and Q&A

First Look: Poldark ADR Session

British actress Kerri McLean, who will play "formidable new character" Catherine Despard in the upcoming 5th season of Poldark, shared the following pictures from their first ADR session on Instagram. ADR stands for automatic or automated dialogue replacement, and - according to this article - is usually done towards the end of the editing and … Continue reading First Look: Poldark ADR Session

Poldark S5 Still in Editing

Mammoth Screens, the production company behind British period drama Poldark, took to Twitter today to explain the recent lack of updates: Dearest #Poldark fans, we know you are eagerly awaiting S5 news and exclusives. We promise they are coming but we're still in the edit at this stage. There will be an official launch in … Continue reading Poldark S5 Still in Editing

Who was Poldark’s James Hadfield?

As we've already reported, Andrew Gower will play James Hadfied in the upcoming and final 5th season of period drama Poldark. But who was James Hadfield? We did some research and would like to present our results to you! Please keep in mind that our findings are solely based on the original, historical figure, not … Continue reading Who was Poldark’s James Hadfield?

Poldark S5 Release Date & Plot

We cannot wait to see Andrew Gower on Poldark, so naturally we did some digging as to shed some light on when the new season of the period drama might be released in the UK. Here's what we found out so far: The BBC have not been constant with release dates of the show in … Continue reading Poldark S5 Release Date & Plot

CarterMatt: Poldark season 5 spoilers: Is an Outlander actor coming on board?

CarterMatt has picked up on Andrew Gower's recent Instagram post in which he revealed his part in the upcoming final season of period drama Poldark. (see our post about it here) Our favourite part of their article? If you haven’t watching Outlander, then there is a reasonably good chance you’re familiar with [Andrew] Gower from some of … Continue reading CarterMatt: Poldark season 5 spoilers: Is an Outlander actor coming on board?

Poldark S5 films at Bristol Old Vic

Poldark's season 5 filmed some scenes at Bristol's Old Vic Theatre last week according to Bristol Live (thanks to Twitter user joaniebluetoes for providing us with this information and link!). It appears that this is when and where Andrew Gower at least filmed some of his scenes for the upcoming season of Poldark as his … Continue reading Poldark S5 films at Bristol Old Vic

Andrew cast in Poldark

If we interpret Andrew Gower's latest Instagram post correctly, he's filmed some scenes for the upcoming (and presumably last) season of historical period drama Poldark. James Hadfield is an actual historical figure, a solider in the French Revolutionary Wars, who attempted to assassinate the British King George III but was acquitted of attempted murder … Continue reading Andrew cast in Poldark