Meet Andrew Gower at London Film and Comic Con

Andrew Gower LFCC2020

As an early Christmas present for his fans, Showmaster’s London Film & Comic Con announced Andrew Gower today as one of their guests for their summer edition.

The event will take place from 24 – 26 July 2020 at Olympia London. Andrew will only attend on Saturday, 25 July, and he’ll be joined by fellow Carnival Row actor Simon McBurney (Runyan Millworthy) with more announcements expected soon.

Tickets for the event are on sale here, and you can buy photo op tickets for Andrew as well.

We think this is an excellent opportunity for all Carnival Row, Poldark, Outlander and Being Human fans to meet Andrew, the man behind Ezra Spurnrose, James Hadfield, Bonnie Prince Charlie and Cutler… Nick Cutler.

ETA (22 December 2019)

Andrew is looking forward to meeting you all!

Crocodile Easter Egg in Black Mirror S5


Season 5 of Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker‘s dystopian anthology series, was released on Netflix on 5 June 2019, and provided its eagle-eyed viewers with a whole set of Easter eggs yet again. One of them is a direct nod to Andrew Gower‘s season 4 episode “Crocodile”.

The following text contains SPOILERS for “Crocodile”, so we’d advise you not to continue reading if you haven’t seen the episode yet!


If you recall, “Crocodile” centers around architect Mia Nolan (Andrea Riseborough) who fears that her involvement in an old hit-and-run accident is exposed through a device that is used to extract the memory of witnesses in insurance claims. To cover up her initial crime, she commits three more murders. The episode ends with Mia at her son’s school recital while the police pick up her last victim’s pet, a guinea pig, the only witness to her last crime.

Mia’s fate seems clear but Black Mirror‘s season 5 episode “Ashley Too” now confirms it with this news crawl and it is good to know that one of Black Mirror‘s “most horrendous characters” got what she deserved!


Several more Easter eggs referencing “Crocodile” can also be found in Andrew Scott‘s Black Mirror episode “Smithereens”. Read this Radio Times article to learn more!

Humpty Dumpty Receives Notable Cast Addition


According to IMDb, Kiran Sonia Sawar joined the cast of Andrew Gower‘s and Stephen Walters‘ short film Humpty Dumpty about musician Tommy Quickly. Kiran received a BAFTA Scotland Best Actress nomination for her role as Shazia in Andrew’s Black Mirror episode “Crocodile”.

We asked our resident Tommy Quickly experts at his fan page on Facebook and they reckon Kiran’s character Peggy might have been one of Tommy’s girlfriends. We’ll have to wait and see if this turns out to be the truth!


Follow Humpty Dumpty on Twitter for further updates!

Black Mirror: Crocodile – Title Explained


For almost a year, since the release of season 4 of Charlie Brooker‘s anthology series Black Mirror, fans have wondered about the deeper meaning of the title of Andrew Gower‘s episode “Crocodile”. After all the episode is set and filmed in Iceland – not exactly the natural habitat of large aquatic reptiles.

Fans have theorized that the title is a reference to the large “Crocodile” tears that the main protagonist Mia sheds at the end of the episode, or her general personality as a cold-blooded and thin-skinned person.

In a recent publication, behind-the-scenes book “Inside Black Mirror“, director John Hillcoat provides his own thoughts on the title and reveals that he himself had never been given a real explanation either:

The story’s cruel logic has a deadly vice-like grip, akin to a crocodile’s jaw. […] [Mia’s] reptilian brain takes over, like a cornered lizard or snake… or crocodile!


The book also contains an interview with show creator Charlie Brooker and we are finally given a definite answer:

The genesis of the title actually relates to [a] previous incarnation of the script, about [a] person who’d witnessed their mother’s murder at the age of two. She’d grown into this very anxious person, who saw the world as incredibly threatening.

Here’s the analogy: imagine that your life is a simulated boat ride down a river. If you started playing that, as a VR experience, it could be sunny and beautiful and you love it. But if it’s scripted that occasional random events will happen, such as a crocodile attacking you, well now that’s slightly different. And if you are really unlucky, and a crocodile attacks you in the first minute of you playing that game, then you think you’re in a horror game. You think, “From that point on, I could get attacked at any moment,” and you can never relax and enjoy the rest of that boat ride, because you think it’s a crocodile attack simulator.

So that’s what Crocodile is: an analogy for somebody who’d been traumatised at an early age, and might be troubled by life forever and never able to relax. The title stuck even though the story completely changed, and then the title didn’t actually make sense. But it’s also weirdly fitting.

If you’re a fan of the show, “Inside Black Mirror” is really worth checking out as it contains lots of inside information on all episodes of Black Mirror’s first four seasons, and our Andrew Gower is also not forgotten.


Andrew confirmed for BAFTA Scotland


Andrew Gower is one of the confirmed guests for BAFTA Scotland award ceremony on Sunday, 4 November 2018 in Glasgow, where he will no doubt represent Black Mirror and support his “Crocodile” co-star Kiran Sonia Sawar who is nominated in the Best Actress category.

He’ll also be re-united with his Fear the Lord co-star Sophie Kennedy Clark, as well as Outlander actors Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin.

The British Academy Scotland Awards will be hosted by Edith Bowman at Radisson Blu Glasgow and will be streamed live on Facebook at 19.00, Sunday 4 Nov, preceded by clips of live carpet highlights hosted by Sanjeev Kohli from 17.00 on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

(Source: BAFTA Scotland)

BAFTA Scotland nominations for Black Mirror

BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Scotland announced this year’s nominees on 26 September 2018.

Among them two nominations for Charlie Brooker’s cult TV show Black Mirror:

  • Director Colm McCarthy was nominated for his season 4 episode “Black Museum”.

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DoAktmhWsAAFhP-.jpg large

Congratulations on both nominations and we’re keeping our fingers firmly crossed for both Colm and Kiran!

Black Mirror season 4 episode wins Emmy


USS Callister, one of Black Mirror‘s season 4 episodes, won the Emmy for “Writing for a Limited Series, Movie or Dramatic Special” last night.

Congratulations to show creator Charlie Brooker and writer William Bridges!

Andrew played Rob in the Black Mirror season 4 episode “Crocodile” alongside Andrea Riseborough and Kiran Sonia Sawar.

Interview with The Italian Rêve


Online Indie magazine “The Italian Rêve” published an interview with Andrew Gower today in which they talked about his motivations for being an actor as well as his recent work on Outlander, Black Mirror and Carnival Row.

We got some more information on Ezra Spurnrose, Andrew Gower‘s character in Carnival Row, and Andrew confirms he will be a series regular.

He also gave us an update on Humpty Dumpty, the documentary about Merseybeats singer Tommy Quickly that he is developing with fellow Liverpudlian actor Stephen Walters.

We filmed a lot of it but it has been delayed and we are hoping to have something to show people by the end of this year.

(Source: The Italian Rêve)

Read the full interview on The Italian Rêve website and visit our gallery for pictures from the photo shoot!

Black Mirror “Crocodile” Easter Egg is Spot on


Charlie Brooker‘s anthology series Black Mirror is well known for predicting human behaviour in an uncanny and scarily precise way.

The users of Internet platform Reddit are known for dissecting everything they watch.

The season 4 episode “Crocodile” was the moment these two came together in a moment of sheer meta-gloriousness, when Andrew‘s character Rob shows a newspaper clipping to ex-girlfriend Mia (Andrea Riseborough).

The newspaper article actually included the following sentence:

Of course the real question is why anyone would pause what they’re watching just to read a sentence in a printed out newspaper article’, says a voice in your head – before advising you to go and share this finding on Reddit.

Of course the Easter Egg was discovered by Reddit user AFellowOfLimitedJest.

Black Mirror, you did it again. Mind blown.


Black Mirror 4×03 Crocodile


Black Mirror 4×03 Crocodile

The episodes opens with a young couple, Mia (Andrea Riseborough) and Rob (Andrew Gower) at a dance party in Iceland. Throughout the night they are seen drinking and consuming drugs. While driving home, a still drunken and intoxicated Rob hits and kills a cyclist on the road. Mia wants to call the police but Rob begs her to help him to cover up the crime by throwing the body and bicycle into the nearby fjord.

Fifteen years later, Mia is a successful architect and happily married with a 9 year old son. Rob hasn’t fared as well, he’s a recovering drug addict, newly sober, “dried up dog shite”, as he describes himself. He seeks out Mia in a hotel in the city and tells her, he is ready to make amends and that he wants to write an anonymous letter to the widow of the man he killed and whose body was never discovered. Mia is afraid the letter will be traced back to them and could potentially destroy her family and career, and she is willing to do everything to protect her new life.

We also meet Shadzia (Kiran Sonia Sawar), a young insurance investigator, who questions witnesses of an accident, that happened in front of Mia’s hotel, where a self-driving pizza delivery truck hit and injured a pedestrian. She uses a device called “Recaller” to extract the memories of claimants and witnesses, although “memories can be subjective”, as she explains. Inevitably, Shadzia’s work leads her to Mia, who was seen standing at her hotel room window by another witness.


Visit our Gallery for more screencaps from this episode!

Crocodile: Official Trailer

Netflix have now released an official trailer for Black Mirror‘s episode “Crocodile”.

“Memories can be subjective,” [Kiran Sonia Sawar‘s character] explains. “They may not be totally accurate and they’re often emotional.”

‘Crocodile’ will also feature Bloodline‘s Andrea Riseborough and Outlander star Andrew Gower, under the direction of Triple 9‘s John Hillcoat.

(Source: DigitalSpy)

See if you can spot Andrew in the trailer, which DigitalSpy describes as “sinister” and “disturbing”.

Unfortunately Netflix still keeps us on our toes in regards to a release date but we’re hoping for more information once all promo posters and official trailers for all six episodes of season 4 are released (which should be on 6 December).


If you missed Andrew’s brief appearance in the trailer, watch it here:

‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 Episode Titles, Cast, Teaser Revealed


Something we’ve been secretly suspecting for the past 5 months has finally been officially confirmed:

Netflix has released the following information concerning the fourth season of Charlie Brooker’s cult TV show Black Mirror:

  • “Arkangel”: starring Rosemarie Dewitt, Brenna Harding and Owen Teague, directed by Jodie Foster
  • “Black Museum”: starring Douglas Hodge, Letitia Wright and Babs Olusanmokun, directed by Colm McCarthy
  • “Crocodile”: starring Andrea Riseborough, Andrew Gower and Kiran Sonia Sawar, directed by John Hillcoat
  • “Hang the DJ”: starring Georgina Campbell, Joe Cole and George Blagden, directed by Tim Van Patten
  • “Metalhead”:  starring Maxine Peake, Jake Davies and Clint Dyer, directed by David Slade
  • “USS Callister”: starring Jesse Plemons, Cristin Milioti, Jimmi Simpson and Michaela Coel, directed by Toby Haynes, written by Charlie Brooker and William Bridges


We’re beyond thrilled to see Andrew’s name on this list, among so many other renowned talents!

There’s no release date for the episode yet but you can watch a first teaser trailer here: