Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all our ghouls and boos! πŸ‘» We hope you’re having a spooktacular day!!! πŸŽƒ (if you’re celebrating this holiday – if not, we still hope you have a great day anyway!)

A perfect treat for the day (not a trick, we swear!) is catching up on some of Andrew Gower‘s past projects with supernatural themes.

Our picks are as follows:

  • Of course, there is our darling Cutler. Andrew portrayed the cocky vampire solicitor on the UK cult show Being Human during its 4th season in 2012. Of all of Andrew’s characters, Cutler undoubtedly had the best lines, and Andrew’s perfect delivery made them pure gold!

Watch some of our favourite scenes on YouTube!

Of course, you could also sneakily watch all of Andrew’s scenes in The Cutler Movie.

  • If you want supernatual but also romance, Frankenstein’s Wedding is your thing! Andrew plays “mad” scientist Dr Victor Frankenstein in this recording of the 2011 live event – not a supernatural being himself, he only creates them. 😱 But Andrew plays the lead – and he sings! What more could you want?

You want more? We’ve got you covered! You can also find the entire movie on YouTube!

  • Looking at this list, one could get the impression that many of Andrew’s characters do not live to fight another day. This assumption is not completely untrue – after all, he did die 7 times as 5 different characters. Yes, this means some of them died more than once. Poor Jake here was really not having the best of days when he encountered the Misfits gang in 2012.

Enjoy and #LoveAndrew πŸ’• !