The Giant Pacific Octopus Maritime School Out Now

We just received word from 45North that the release of The Great Pacific Octopus Maritime School is slightly delayed and will now happen on Monday, 12 April 2021. The radio play is the “first family friendly piece (and trans-Atlantic collaboration)” and penultimate audio play of the eight part series Written in the Waves. Andrew Gower … Continue reading The Giant Pacific Octopus Maritime School Out Now

Andrew Gower and Manjinder Virk to Attend The Giant Pacific Octopus Maritime School

According to Broadway World, Andrew Gower will be united with his former co-star Manjinder Virk (Monroe, Out Of Darkness) in a new audio play called The Giant Pacific Octopus Maritime School. It is part of the Written On The Waves series, which was developed by the women-led production company 45North in cooperation with Ellie Keel … Continue reading Andrew Gower and Manjinder Virk to Attend The Giant Pacific Octopus Maritime School

Speak: Andrew Gower on BBC Radio 4

In case you missed it the first time around, here's another chance to listen to Philip Palmer's audio drama Speak starring Andrew Gower and Pippa Haywood. Lucian [Andrew Gower] has a vocabulary that is limited to a core 1500 words, but Clara [Pippa Haywood] wants to teach him those that are forbidden. A dystopian love … Continue reading Speak: Andrew Gower on BBC Radio 4

Andrew Gower Joins Tracks

Andrew Gower joins the cast of multi-award winning radio drama Tracks in its 4th season. The conspiracy thriller written by Matthew Broughton will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 between 28 October and 8 November 2019 with a new episode every day. Andrew appears in episodes 1, 2, 7 and 8 of the radio drama, … Continue reading Andrew Gower Joins Tracks


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The fourth Series of Tracks: Indigo is now available.

10 Episodes of 15 minutes each.

Details Here.

The entire series (and all 3 of the previous series) are available on BBC SOUNDS and as a PODCAST.

(Be aware that the episodes are often out of order on BBC SOUNDS (I have no idea why) – so double check or use the Tracks Homepage:)



Dr Helen Ash – Romola Garai

Freddy Fuller – Jonathan Forbes

Helen is involved in a serious car accident – but why did the car hit her? Where was she going? What is wrong with her baby daughter Frances? And what’s wrong with time?


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Speak, Andrew!

Andrew Gower stars in the radio play Speak, an episode of BBC4 Radio's series Dangerous Visions, which will be broadcast on Monday 18 June 2018. Speak A dystopian love story about the power of language, written by Philip Palmer. Set in a near future where the language spoken is Globish – a version of English, … Continue reading Speak, Andrew!