Speak: Andrew Gower on BBC Radio 4

In case you missed it the first time around, here's another chance to listen to Philip Palmer's audio drama Speak starring Andrew Gower and Pippa Haywood. Lucian [Andrew Gower] has a vocabulary that is limited to a core 1500 words, but Clara [Pippa Haywood] wants to teach him those that are forbidden. A dystopian love … Continue reading Speak: Andrew Gower on BBC Radio 4

Speak, Andrew!

Andrew Gower stars in the radio play Speak, an episode of BBC4 Radio's series Dangerous Visions, which will be broadcast on Monday 18 June 2018. Speak A dystopian love story about the power of language, written by Philip Palmer. Set in a near future where the language spoken is Globish – a version of English, … Continue reading Speak, Andrew!