Andrew Gower Joins Tracks

Andrew Gower joins the cast of multi-award winning radio drama Tracks in its 4th season. The conspiracy thriller written by Matthew Broughton will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 between 28 October and 8 November 2019 with a new episode every day.

Andrew appears in episodes 1, 2, 7 and 8 of the radio drama, which is available as a Podcast for a limited time on the BBC website.

Tracks: Indigo

Dr Helen Ash is involved in a road accident. But where was she going in such a hurry? And why can’t she remember?

The answer lies in the riddle of Helen’s daughter, Frances, who’s older than she should be. And a mysterious ‘child-mother’, who’s younger than she should be….

Romola Garai returns as Helen Ash in the compelling fourth series of Tracks.

Cast of Tracks: Indigo

Helen … Romola Garai
Freddy … Jonathan Forbes

Other parts played by Andrew Gower, Georgia Henshaw, Sally Orrock, Carys Eleri, Sion Pritchard, Joanna van Kampen, Scarlett Courtney, Adam Courting, Lucy Reynolds, Ashleigh Hadadd, David Hounslow, Sinead MacInnes, Juliet Cowan and Marc Danbury

Written by Matthew Broughton
Produced and Directed by James Robinson

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