Miss Scarlet & The Duke Submitted for Emmy Nomination

Massive congratulations to #TeamScarlet, the cast & crew behind Miss Scarlet & The Duke, and the "two leading ladies" show runner Rachael New and lead actress Kate Phillips, who were both submitted for an Emmy Award nomination. This submission is an important first step to be considered to receive a nomination. Voting for the 2021 … Continue reading Miss Scarlet & The Duke Submitted for Emmy Nomination

Carnival Row Emmy Nominations

Huge Congratulations to Team Carnival Row and three Emmy nominations: Outstanding Fantasy/Sci-Fi Costumes for Joanna Eatwell, Clare Vyse, Jennifer Lander and team Outstanding Main Title Design for Lisa Bolan, Henry DeLeon, Mert Kizilay, Kaya Thomas, Yongsub Song, Alex Silver and team Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music for Nathan Barr Sadly, Andrew Gower and none … Continue reading Carnival Row Emmy Nominations