A.D. – The Bible will not continue

According to Variety, NBC has cancelled A.D. - The Bible Continues after only one season. The overall viewing numbers of the biblical drama, which picked up the story of the 2013 miniseries The Bible, were too low for NBC to renew it for another season. Producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey are planning to return … Continue reading A.D. – The Bible will not continue

A.D. Ep 9 Saul’s Return

A.D. – The Bible Continues Ep. 9 “Saul's Return” Following his ascent to the Roman throne, Caligula (Andrew Gower) starts a reign of terror over those in his immediate vicinity. Feeling that he isn't given the appropriate respect and love from his subjects, he demands that statues of him are erected all over the Roman … Continue reading A.D. Ep 9 Saul’s Return

A.D. Ep 8 The Road to Damascus

A.D. – The Bible Continues Ep. 8 “The Road to Damascus” In Pilate's Palace in Jerusalem the presence of Caligula (Andrew Gower) and his Jewish friend Agrippa (Michael Peluso) causes unrest for all members of the household, servants and masters alike. After another insult, Pilate (Vincent Regan) decides to confront Caligula about his behaviour but … Continue reading A.D. Ep 8 The Road to Damascus

A.D. Ep 7 The Visit

A.D. - The Bible Continues Ep. 7 "The Visit" Biblical drama A.D. - The Bible Continues is a sequel to the NBC hit TV show The Bible by producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett. It picks up immediately after the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and shows the impact his death had on his disciples as … Continue reading A.D. Ep 7 The Visit

Who was A.D.’s Caligula?

NBC.com described Andrew Gower's character in their biblical drama A.D. - The Bible Continues as "debauched and dangerous" but who was the youth that ascended to become the most powerful man in the known world, the third Roman emperor, really? Caligula was born Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus on 31 August 12 in Antium (near … Continue reading Who was A.D.’s Caligula?

Andrew plays Caligula

The official website for the NBC mini series A.D. - The Bible Continues released a series of pictures introducing us to the main characters of the sequel to the 2013 mini-series The Bible. Among them is Andrew Gower who will play the future Roman Emperor Caligula. "The youth who will one day be the Emperor … Continue reading Andrew plays Caligula