CarterMatt: Poldark season 5 spoilers: Is an Outlander actor coming on board?


CarterMatt has picked up on Andrew’s recent Instagram post in which he revealed his part in the upcoming final season of period drama Poldark. (see our post about it here)

Our favourite part of their article?

If you haven’t watching Outlanderthen there is a reasonably good chance you’re familiar with [Andrew] Gower from some of his other work. After all, he has appeared in such other series including AD: The Bible Continues, Being Human, The White Queenand more. This is someone who’s got a rather-impressive resume of TV work behind him and while he’s not going to have a chance to continue whatever he does on Poldark, there is still an opportunity for more good stuff down the line.

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No doubt about that!

A.D. – The Bible will not continue

A.D. The Bible Continues- Season 1

According to Variety, NBC has cancelled A.D. – The Bible Continues after only one season.  The overall viewing numbers of the biblical drama, which picked up the story of the 2013 miniseries The Bible, were too low for NBC to renew it for another season.

Producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey are planning to return to the story on their own digital channel, set to be launched in late 2016 or early 2017. However it is unlikely that another season of A.D. will also mean a return of Roman emperor Caligula, the character portrayed by Andrew Gower.

Outlander Season 2 Casts Bonnie Prince Charlie, Jamie’s Cousin and More


Variety has now confirmed Andrew’s casting as Bonnie Prince Charlie in Outlander:

Andrew Gower (“The Village,” “A.D. The Bible Continues”) has been cast as Prince Charles Edward Stuart in the new season, Variety has confirmed. When Charles Stuart isn’t carousing with his Jacobite supporters, the young heir to the exiled Catholic royal dynasty is plotting his return to the throne. An unlikely leader with an unabashed taste for alcohol and women, Prince Charles is hell-bent on glory — no matter what the cost.

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Outlander Season 2: Bonnie Prince Charlie, Fergus & More Roles Cast


According to Access Hollywood Andrew has been cast in season 2 of Starz’ hit TV show Outlander.

Andrew Gower, a graduate of the Oxford School of Drama, will play Bonnie Prince Charlie (Prince Charles Edward Stuart), who Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) will meet in Season 2.

Charlie has a taste for alcohol and the ladies, and is determined to achieve glory, no matter the price.

Andrew hails from Liverpool (which is also where Stephen Walters, who plays Angus, is from). He played Caligua in NBC’s “AD: The Bible.” Andrew also is an alum of the UK’s “Being Human,” and the medical drama “Monroe.”

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A.D. Ep 9 “Saul’s Return”


Caligula strikes at the heart of Jerusalem with his parting gift; Saul’s conversion puts his life – and those of his fellow apostles – at grave risk.

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Emperor Caligula (Andrew Gower) demands that his statue be placed in the Temple. Pilate (Vincent Regan) and Caiaphas (Richard Coyle) know such desecration will cause rebellion. Saul (Emmett J. Scanlan) returns a changed man.

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Andrew’s third and last A.D. – The Bible Continues episode “9 – Saul’s Return” airs this Sunday, 31 May 2015 on NBC.


A.D. Ep 8 “The Road to Damascus”


Andrew’s second A.D. – The Bible Continues episode 8 “The Road to Damascus” airs this Sunday, 24 May 2015 on NBC.

While Caligula’s (Andrew Gower) ascent to the Roman throne jeopardizes Pilate’s (Vincent Regan) future, Saul (Emmett J. Scanlan) makes a startling transformation on the road to Damascus.

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Read this plot summery by Jennifer Watson – avert your eyes if you haven’t seen the episode yet and wish to remain spoiler free and skip to the juicy production still of Andrew down below instead!

Caligula (Andrew Gower) and his Jewish friend Agrippa (Michael Peluso) have come to Jerusalem with the Roman Emperor Tiberius (Kenneth Cranham). Caligula is quick to let Pilate know from the very beginning that they were at odds, challenging the governor’s position with the help of troublemaking Agrippa. In order to combat this threat, Tiberius and Pilate make a plan to separate the two.


The evil acts of Agrippa and Caligula reveal a twisted behavior that is not befitting a future emperor. Disturbed by the opinions and actions of Caligula, Pilate is urged by his wife Claudia (exquisitely portrayed by Joanne Whalley) to cultivate “good will” with Tiberius’s successor.


In a bed of luxurious fabric, Claudia wrestles with a nightmare of Caligula ruthlessly holding a pillow over Tiberius’s head, suffocating him in his sleep. She awakens, trembling in fear, to find her nightmare has in fact become reality. Caligula brings word that the Emperor is dead, claiming he died peacefully in bed.

The episode closes with Caligula brandishing his new power and commanding Pilate and Claudia to kneel at his feet, in the presence of their new emperor.

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A.D. Ep 7 “The Visit”


The plot summary for episode 7 “The Visit” of A.D. – The Bible Continues suggests that we will finally meet Caligula (played by Andrew Gower) on Sunday, 17 May 2015.

Saul (Emmett J. Scanlan) targets Peter (Adam Levy); Emperor Tiberius (Kenneth Cranham) arrives in Jerusalem to decide Pilate’s (Vincent Regan) fate – along with his debauched and dangerous nephew Caligula (Andrew Gower).


Persecution grows stronger and the disciples are scattered as Saul targets Peter personally. God’s influence grows as the fleeing Philip shares the good news of Jesus’ power to save and heal in Samaria. And when the Roman Emperor Tiberius and his nephew Caligula come to town, Pilate sees an opportunity for promotion and escape from Jerusalem. What will his plan mean for the believers?

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Andrew plays Caligula


The official website for the NBC mini series A.D. – The Bible Continues released a series of pictures introducing us to the main characters of the sequel to the 2013 mini-series The Bible.

Among them is Andrew Gower who will play the future Roman Emperor Caligula.

The youth who will one day be the Emperor of Rome, Caligula is wild and sadistic with a taste for debauchery and destruction that knows no limits.

With a look at Caligula on Wikipedia, we think it is safe to say that Caligula will be one h*** of a character to play!

A.D. will premier on Easter Sunday, 5 April 2015 and continue weekly with 12 one hour long episodes.