New “1984” picture

In his latest Instagram post, Andrew presented us with a never seen before still from 1984. The pictures shows Andrew Gower as Winston Smith and Angus Wright as O'Brien in the play's rather gruesome and tortureous finale. Let's hope Andrew's dentist's appointment today isn't quite as painful and send him some healing vibes on … Continue reading New “1984” picture

1984: Final Reviews

16 September 2016: Samantha Laurie for Essential Surrey This brilliant and stylish adaptation from writer-directors Robert Icke and Duncan Macmillan remains faithful to the classic whilst introducing a clever new twist. [...] From the minute Winston Smith, played superbly by Andrew Gower, puts forbidden pen to paper, his hellish fate is sealed. Big Brother is … Continue reading 1984: Final Reviews

1984 – Mind The Blog Review

Mind the blog

13422440_371424082981419_8335050245458383208_oThe cast of 1984
Photo credit: Manuel Harlan

Robert Icke & Duncan Macmillan’s hugely successful adaptation of George Orwell’s most famous work, Nineteen Eighty-Four, has returned to London’s West End for another limited season. Running at 101 minutes straight through, it is brimming with tension and a theatrical assault on the senses.

Winston Smith has noticed there’s something not quiet right about the world in which he lives; every day feels the same, but everyone else is either ignorant or ignoring it. In a state controlled by the mysterious & omnipresent Big Brother, it is impossible to live an individual life and think your own thoughts. If you do anything out of the ordinary, or even consider it, you are at risk of being labelled a Thought Criminal and an enemy of the state. And everyone knows where that will lead…

13483380_371424072981420_6454854031599348293_oAndrew Gower in 1984
Photo credit: Manuel Harlan


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Andrew Gower On Playing Winston Smith In 1984

Here's another interview with Andrew Gower about playing Winston Smith in 1984 and what tempted him to take on the part. Being Human and Outlander (and their loyal fanbases) get a notable mention, too. You've done some beloved dramas, like Being Human and Outlander. What's the fan response been like? Yes, both Being Human and … Continue reading Andrew Gower On Playing Winston Smith In 1984

1984: More Reviews

18 July 2016: Alexander Ballinger for Go West London From the opening scene, it's clear this is not a page-for-page adaption of George Orwell's final novel before his death, as our lead man Winston -played flawlessly by Andrew Gower- finds himself somewhere outside of time, and in some kind of book group discussion on the … Continue reading 1984: More Reviews

1984’s Andrew Gower on Coping with Rats, Big Brother & on Getting His Teeth Into Being Human talked to Andrew Gower about playing the lead in 1984 and his time as Cutler on Being Human. You graduated from drama school [the Oxford School of Drama] six years ago but are only now making your West End debut.Yeah, which is funny because when I left drama school, I always envisaged that my … Continue reading 1984’s Andrew Gower on Coping with Rats, Big Brother & on Getting His Teeth Into Being Human

First Reviews for 1984

22 June 2016: Christina Caré for London Theatre Returning to the Playhouse this June, Robert Icke and Duncan Macmillan’s adaptation of Orwell’s classic novel 1984 continues to enthral audiences. With a flawless cast and ruthless staging, the play offers 101 minutes of extreme, visceral storytelling. Andrew Gower excels as Winston, despite hardly speaking for the … Continue reading First Reviews for 1984

1984 Press Night

Watch this video with a few short statements by visitors and cast of 1984 during press night at The Playhouse London, including Andrew Gower (Winston Smith). "If ever I was to say to the younger generation, now is the time to come and see this." Visit our 1984 Gallery for more pictures from that … Continue reading 1984 Press Night

Outlander: Graham McTavish & Andrew Gower Talk Prestonpans

Access Hollywood released an interview with Graham McTavish (Dougal McKenzie) and Andrew Gower (Bonnie Prince Charlie) about Outlander episode 2x10 "Prestonpans". Graham McTavish was full of praise for his co-star's acting: "One of the things that I loved about what Andrew did with the part was how he physically created the Prince," Graham said, when … Continue reading Outlander: Graham McTavish & Andrew Gower Talk Prestonpans

New cast announced for 1984

Congratulations, Andrew, for landing such an amazing lead role, and "break a leg" for your West End debut! Visit the official Playhouse Theatre London website for more information! An entirely new cast has started rehearsals for Robert Icke and Duncan Macmillan’s adaptation of 1984. The cast for the hit West End production of George Orwell’s dystopian … Continue reading New cast announced for 1984