Miss Scarlet & The Duke Season 2?

Season 1 cast of Miss Scarlet & The Duke

One of the most frequent questions we receive these days is: Will there be another season of Miss Scarlet & The Duke? And will Andrew Gower aka the delightful Rupert Parker return?

The only answer we can give with certainty at this time: We don’t know yet.

It is true that show creator Rachael New has been working on scripts for further episodes for a while now. Season 1 director Declan O’Dwyer hinted at it during our Q&A with him in October 2019 only weeks after Season 1 wrapped filming. Rachael New also talked about writing scripts and potential storylines for Season 2 in several interviews since then, including our Q&A in January 2020 ahead of the release of the show in the UK and our first Scarleteers Zoom chat in December 2020. In a recent podcast with TellyVisions, she spoke in detail about what we might see in Season 2 (naturally the interview contains spoilers for S1, so be warned!) but also confirmed they are still in negotiations for the continuation of the show.

It seems that early plans were made to start filming S2 in September 2020, however several circumstances, including to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent postponement of the release of S1 in the USA (originally scheduled for September 2020), put a halt on these plans. We’ve had it confirmed that these plans were also only tentative should S2 have received an official order which it still hasn’t yet.

Kate Phillips (Eliza Scarlet) and Stuart Martin (William “The Duke) Wellington)

We know from Kate Phillips‘ and Stuart Martin‘s Instagram TakeOver, everyone is really keen to bring the fans more Miss Scarlet & The Duke and that there is a small army of people working on making it happen… but nothing is certain yet.

Asked about the status of S2 in an interview with the NY Post published on 12 February 2021, Stuart Martin replied:

We’ll have to wait and see. There’s big hope for it and lots going on in the background to get that to happen. It’s been such a weird time, but we shall watch this space and hopefully soon [there will be news]. 

(Source: NY Post)

After all these delays and postponements, it will also be increasingly challenging to bring everyone back on board again. Many projects were put on hold last year which might lead to conflicting schedules for our beloved cast and crew. Peaky Blinders (Kate Phillips) recently started filming their final season, and Carnival Row (Andrew Gower) is due to resume filming the final 4 episodes of S2 (to be released seperately from the first 5 completed in 2020) later this year.

So we can only “wait, watch and see”, hope that a (positive) decision can be made soon and support the show by tweeting about it (#Scarleteers #MissScarletAndTheDuke #MissScarletPBS), sharing information on other Social Media channels and of course watching the show!

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