Running Naked UK Press Reviews

  • 22 January 2021: Louise Rhind-Tutt for ILoveManchester:

Making its UK premiere on World Cancer Day (4th February), Running Naked balances humour, emotion and drama in equal measure. […]

In a world where cancer affects so many lives, Running Naked aims to bring a positive and hopeful message to everyone and anyone whose life has been touched by the disease.

“I’m from Manchester, I ran a nightclub in Manchester, I’m a City supporter, and my company is called North of Watford Films,” says Michael Knowles, who co-wrote and co-produced the film.

“There was no chance Manchester wouldn’t feature in Running Naked, which has its heart and soul in the North.”

“We shot in the city centre at The Radisson Edwardian and in the stunning Peak District countryside just outside the city, where I’m lucky enough to live.”

“Manchester provides the perfect backdrop to some important moments in our story.”

(Source: ILoveManchester)

Rakhee Thakrar, Matthew McNulty, Tamzin Merchant & Andrew Gower
  • 4 February 2021: Sam Cleal for Buzzfeed

“Running Naked” Is The Feel-Good Indie Movie That’ll Restore Your Faith In Just About Everything

… technically the main characters Ben and Mark do run around a hospital together butt naked, but the film is so much more than its titular titillation! It’s really a film about friendship, finding love, and seizing life while you still can. […]

Basically, this film is super uplifting and will undoubtedly remind viewers to live life to the fullest every day, and to never become content with less than you deserve! And who doesn’t need that feel-good energy right now?!

(Source: Buzzfeed)

  • 4 February 2021: Michael Sales for Midlands Movies

Running Naked is very much a Midlands production, being filmed in locations such as Stoke-on-Trent and Wolverhampton. And whilst Victor Buhler, Jennifer Knowles and Michael Knowles are credited as co-writers, the film specifically draws on Jennifer Knowles’ own experience as a cancer survivor.

This personal angle is infused in the film with its heartfelt and sympathetic situations. And although for me the film never really generated any huge belly laughs, the gentle comedy certainly balances the right tone between the serious issues of dealing with terrible news and the humorous fondness, and struggles, of friendship.

The film’s structure continues this duality with regular flashbacks to the younger duo, whose light-hearted take on their condition is sincere and understanding. Rather than being in denial, the fun they tackle life with shows an often-universal need for lightness during a crisis. […]

There is an understandable sadness in the film but at its core the movie is a positive and life-affirming tale of friendship where warmth shines from the screen throughout. An unclothed and honest look at self-discovery in the face of devastating circumstances, Running Naked is a tender triumph that cleverly shows how support and laughter is a very much needed medicine.

(Source: Midland Movies)

  • 19 February 2021: Carlie Newman for Close-Up Film

A film about cancer sufferers doesn’t sound very jolly, but, in fact, this film has a lot of light moments. […]

[…] this film is a very English look at young cancer sufferers. […] Running Naked is a little drama mixing comedy and tragedy in a good blend of emotional reality. With two sensitive performances by McNulty and Gower and backed up by the other actors, it is always moving. The film is […] using Jennifer’s personal experiences of having cancer to give us this absorbing story. Sensitively directed by Victor Buhler, it is a simple – as in easy – little film and worth a watch.

(Source: Close-Up Film)