Andrew in new web series Nutritiously Nicola


Andrew Gower‘s tweet today had us intrigued and we did some digging on Nutritiously Nicola!, a “dirty comedy about clean eating”.

This is what we found out:

  • Nutritiously Nicola! will be a web series consisting of 6 episodes (each 6-7mins long)
  • Natalie Bray, Caroline Amer and Rebecca Tanwen Morgan are the masterminds behind Double Yay Productions
  • Nutritiously Nicola! is their flagship production and they aim to have it financed via their Kickstarter campaign launched today
  • Andrew will play the role of Guy Titt, “a male fitness, food and lifestyle instagrammer”

We are so very excited to see Andrew in a comedy, and will certainly give Double Yay Productions our full support. Good luck, girls! 🤞