Monroe: Press Reviews


  • 10 March 2011: Sam Wollaston for The Guardian

Clue: it’s a medical drama named after its protagonist – a cynical, unconventional, emotionally damaged genius doctor who shows a sardonic contempt for authority… Got it, you say. House, starring Hugh Laurie. Ha, wrong; it’s Monroe (ITV1), starring James Nesbitt. […]

Monroe is slick, sharply written; it has a refreshing feeling of confidence. And Nesbitt has a magnetic screen-filling presence. It’s good; a welcome addition to the barren Thursday-night schedule for people who still watch telly as it goes out. It’s just not as good as House.

(Source: The Guardian)

  • 11 March 2011: Jason Preston for The Telegraph

There’s nothing wrong with […] Nesbitt’s performance. [Monroe]’s a smartarse, and although he’s clearly meant to be a brilliant, eccentric and unique smartarse, he’s actually a smartarse off the smartarse production line. While undoubtedly clever, Monroe’s lines had a carefully minted feel to them, suggesting that writer Peter Bowker had laboured long and hard buffing them to a brilliant finish.

(Source: The Telegraph)