Black Work back on ITV

A potential positive side effect of the lockdown and the resulting lack of new TV content is that broadcasters are forced to dig deep into their archives and repeat some of their older series. This circumstance is giving Andrew Gower‘s fans a chance to catch up on some of his earlier work.

Black Work is a detective thriller starring Sheridan Smith, Douglas Henshall (Outlander) and Matthew McNulty (Misfits, Running Naked). Andrew plays DC Jared Ansell who is part of the task force investigating the murder of a fellow police officer who’s secretly done undercover (or “black”) work.

The three-part series originally aired in 2015 and will be shown again on ITV this week on three consecutive nights, starting on Wednesday, 2 September 2020 at 9:00pm. If you miss one of the episodes, you can also watch them on ITV Hub later on.

Wacth the original 2015 trailer for Black Work:

Black Work Ep. 03


Black Work Episode 03

In the third and final episode of Black Work, Andrew Gower reprises his role as DC Jared Ansell, a member of the taskforce who investigate the murder of Ryan Gillespie, police officer Jo Gillespie’s husband.

Devastated to discover that Ryan (Kenny Doughty) had bought the cottage for his mistress of three years and their child, Jo Gillespie (Sheridan Smith) is also told that Parry’s (Ben-Ryan Davies) girlfriend Sian was murdered just before Ryan was slain.

She tracks down Ryan’s handler Tom Piper (Phil Davis), who tells her that Sian blew Ryan’s cover and Chief Constable Jarecki (Geraldine James) was aware of this but did not pull him out of the operation.

A paranoid Jo is now suspicious of all her police colleagues, particularly her former lover Jack (Matthew McNulty), who appears to be far less innocent than she thought. *


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* Source: Wikipedia

Black Work Ep. 01


Black Work 1×01

Black Work is a British three-part detective drama which centers around police officer Jo Gillespie (Sheridan Smith).

Jo Gillespie is dissatisfied that her husband Ryan (Kenny Doughty), like herself a police officer, spends so much time away from her and their children but resists colleague Jack Clark’s (Matthew McNulty) suggestion that she leaves Ryan for him.

She is doubly shocked to be told by Superintendent Hepburn (Douglas Henshall) not only that Ryan has been shot dead but had been working undercover – doing ‘black work’ – for three years without her knowledge. Most of the gang he was infiltrating have been arrested but Hepburn and Chief Constable Carolyn Jarecki (Geraldine James) are anxious not to publicize Ryan’s murder lest it damage the prosecution and are puzzled as to why Ryan had not reported back to his handler for some days before his death.

Jo is incensed by their attitude and tells his mother Barbara (Sharon Duce) who leaks his murder to the press. Believing she has a clue to the killer Jo tells Jack but follows up her enquiry alone, landing herself in danger. *

Andrew Gower plays DC Jared Ansell, a member of the taskforce, who investigate the murder of Ryan Gillespie. He appears in the first and last episode of the series.


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* Source: Wikipedia