Black Work Ep. 03


Black Work Episode 03

In the third and final episode of Black Work, Andrew Gower reprises his role as DC Jared Ansell, a member of the taskforce who investigate the murder of Ryan Gillespie, police officer Jo Gillespie’s husband.

Devastated to discover that Ryan (Kenny Doughty) had bought the cottage for his mistress of three years and their child, Jo Gillespie (Sheridan Smith) is also told that Parry’s (Ben-Ryan Davies) girlfriend Sian was murdered just before Ryan was slain.

She tracks down Ryan’s handler Tom Piper (Phil Davis), who tells her that Sian blew Ryan’s cover and Chief Constable Jarecki (Geraldine James) was aware of this but did not pull him out of the operation.

A paranoid Jo is now suspicious of all her police colleagues, particularly her former lover Jack (Matthew McNulty), who appears to be far less innocent than she thought. *


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* Source: Wikipedia