Andrew featured in Omnia

The lovely ladies at Omnia, a free online zine, have included an article about Andrew Gower in their latest edition. He's very unassuming, small and skinny and rather awkward, but he's an excellent actor, very emotive and funny, and absolutely deserving of everything good that comes his way. You said it Daisy and Nancy! You … Continue reading Andrew featured in Omnia

Damien Molony interviewed by Spotlight

Damien Molony has been interviewed by Spotlight about his nomination for the prize in 2011 and his career since then. There are a couple of questions about Andrew Gower and their work together on Being Human: Did Andrew Gower [2010 Spotlight Prize winner] try to give you any tips? We didn’t actually shoot anything together … Continue reading Damien Molony interviewed by Spotlight

Mark Gatiss interview

Mark Gatiss has been interviewed by about the finale of Being Human season 4, "War Child". It's a great little interview, made all the better by the question about the trailer: Can you explain why he’s rubbing Cutler’s face in the preview? Because I wanted to. I said to Andrew [Gower], “I just got … Continue reading Mark Gatiss interview

Entertainment Weekly: ‘Being Human’ baddie Andrew Gower talks ‘Puppy Love’

Entertainment Weekly have posted an interview with Andrew Gower about episode 6 of Being Human season 4 ("Puppy Love"). The interview covers Cutler's backstory, his last vestiges of humanity and how he based some of Cutler's mannerisms on Ian Curtis of Joy Division. Cutler likes other people to do the work for him—and manipulation is … Continue reading Entertainment Weekly: ‘Being Human’ baddie Andrew Gower talks ‘Puppy Love’