Outlander prequel: Star weighs in on possible Bonnie Prince Charlie series

Variety reported exclusively on 25 February 2022 that an Outlander prequel series is in development at Starz. Exact plot details are so far kept under wraps and open for speculation.

Fans of the show have been hoping for a spin-off centered around popular character Lord John Grey (played by Australian actor David Berry). When the audience meets (John) William Grey for the first time during the Jacobite Rising of 1745 (Season 2), he is only 15 years old and played by young English actor Oscar Kennedy. This seems to rule out his story for a prequel series although there is plenty of source material in the form of Diana Gabaldon’s LJG novellas and short stories.

In 2013, Gabaldon also published the novella Virgins with a young Jamie Fraser and best friend Ian Murray (aged 19 and 20 respectively) serving as mercenaries in 1740’s France. Given the popularity of both characters, this certainly seems like an option, even though actors Sam Heughan and Steven Cree (both born in 1980) might not be able to reprise their roles for this potential prequel.

Still a work in progress is a novel about Jamie Fraser’s parents, Ellen MacKenzie and Brian Fraser. Their wild love story would be set in early 18th century Scotland and could touch on the First Jacobite Rising of 1715. This sounds like the most plausible choice as it would feature a lot of the elements that made Outlander such a hit in the first place.

Bonnie Prince Charlie (Andrew Gower) and Flora MacDonald (Shauna MacDonald) in S6 of Outlander

After the recent #BonnieComeback, the Daily Express also talked exclusively with Andrew Gower about the possibility of a prequel series focusing on a young Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Would I be interested in a Bonnie Prince Charlie prequel? I mean, I went back for season six, so I would work with those guys. I would work with that team at the drop of a hat. They’re an amazing team.

The interesting thing about Bonnie Prince Charlie – maybe I’m getting too old to play him – who knows? To play him at the beginning… but ultimately his life story is fascinating.

If they don’t do a story about him then I’m pretty sure there will be another film or something soon. Because I had such fun playing him and so many different ways I could have played him and so many different parts of his life you can look at.

Source: Express.co.uk

Prince Charles Edward Stuart (Andrew Gower) in Outlander Season 2

The interview concludes with our favourite bit of information:

Whether a Bonnie Prince Charlie prequel series is also on the cards remains to be seen, but Gower is now busy with a whole host of other projects.

Source: Express.co.uk

As much as we love our “Mr Mark Me”, we’re also excited to see Andrew Gower taking on new roles that allow him to show his versatility as an actor. We already know that one of his new projects is playing Detective Peter Andrews in Season 4 of Netflix hit series You with more acting jobs to be announced soon.

Andrew is also currently preparing the launch of his first EP The Jacaranda with his band Gustaffson on 19 August 2022.

Gustaffson – Andrew Gower and James Webster

ETA (4 August 2022):

Variety confirmed today that the rumoured prequel Outlander: Blood of my Blood would indeed – as speculated above – focus on the love story of Ellen MacKenzie and Brian Fraser, Jamie Fraser’s parents.