Outlander: Bonnie Prince Charlie Episodes, Ranked By IMDb

Celebrating the #BonnieComeback, online magazine ScreenRant have released a list of Andrew Gower‘s Outlander episodes ranked by IMDb.

Love him or hate him, the legendary Bonnie Prince Charlie is still one of the most entertaining characters to have graced the screen on Outlander. […]
Andrew Gower gave a phenomenal portrayal of Prince Charles Edward Stewart. Gower’s Charles was zealous, reckless, hedonistic, and oddly sympathetic. Watching Jamie and the prince form a friendship was sheer merriment. It’s almost a shame that Jamie was initially compelled to work against the cause.

(Source: ScreenRant)

Here’s ScreenRants Top10 and we added Andrew Gower’s 11th episode. Click on the links to read more about the episodes!

11 – Give Me Liberty

10 – Not in Scotland Anymore

9 – Useful Occupations and Deceptions

8 – La Dame Blanche

7 – Untimely Resurrections

6 – Best Laid Schemes

5 – The Hail Mary

4 – Prestonpans

3 – The Battle Joined

2 – Vengeance is Mine

1 – Dragonfly in Amber