Carnival Row Filming in Dubrovnik Next Month


Carnival Row‘s executive producers Travis Beacham and Marc Guggenheim scouted several new locations for filming season 2 of the successful Victorian noir series a month ahead of its season 1 premiere.

Croatia Week now reports that production will come to the picturesque old towns of Dubrovnik and Trsteno to film Carnival Row for 10 days in November 2019.

If the mediterranean town of Dubrovnik looks oddly familiar to you, it’s probably because it has become a very popular filming location and has doubled for example as the cities of King’s Landing and Qarth in the HBO series Game of Thrones as well as the casino city of Canto Bight in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.


We are wondering whether this new filming location (season one was exclusively filmed in the Czech Republic, mostly at the Barrandov Studios in Prague) is in some way connected to the Spurnrose storyline which last saw Imogen (Tamzin Merchant) and her lover Agreus (David Gyasi) flee the city of The Burgue from her brother Ezra’s (Andrew Gower) wrath.

ETA (9 October 2019) has shared some further information on filming season 2 of Carnival Row in Croatia:

Amazon Studios will be the first major production company to film in the famous Croatian town after the City of Dubrovnik introduced a price list for public spaces. Filmmakers now have to pay up to 6,740 EUR per day for areas larger than 1,000 square meters, such as the one outside the Rector’s Palace in the Old City, where Carnival Row will be filmed.

“For filming locations alone, the City of Dubrovnik will earn between 47,160 and 53,900 EUR from Amazon Studios for Carnival Row,” said Jelka Tepešić, Deputy Mayor of Dubrovnik.

[…] An additional Croatian filming location will be Trsteno Arboretum in the Dubrovnik region. Embassy Films is expected to serve as the local service provider. The producers have applied for incentives through the Filming in Croatia project, which offers a 25% cash rebate for foreign productions and coproductions. […]Tanja Ladović from the Croatian Audiovisual Centre […] confirmed that Carnival Row is on their list for support.


Amazon Studios invested an estimated 1.5 billion CZK (roughly $75 million) on season 1 of Carnival Row, which was one of the most expensive projects to ever shoot in the Czech Republic, and was granted a tax rebate of more than 250 million CZK in return.

ETA (10 October 2019)

Reddit user SRimac has recently reported that the scheduled filming in Croatia in November has been cancelled – or at least post-poned – as the entire Croatian crew has been apparently laid off.

We don’t believe this is a sign that Carnival Row has been cancelled but rather further proof that production is currently on hiatus, possibly to give the new showrunner Erik Oleson and executive story editor Laurie Penny time to view the current material and make any adjustments they deem necessary.

Whether Dubrovnik will still be used as a set for season 2 at a later point is unclear.

Please keep in mind that there is no official confirmation for this and has to be seen as highly speculative.

[SRimac’s original post about Season 2 being cancelled and further comments have been deleted by now. However, the significant lack of “behind the scenes” updates from the Carnival Row cast, especially Orlando Bloom, who regularly shared updates during the filming of Season 1 via his Instagram account, seems to support the theory that production has indeed been halted.]


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