Crocodile: Official Trailer

Netflix have now released an official trailer for Black Mirror‘s episode “Crocodile”.

“Memories can be subjective,” [Kiran Sonia Sawar‘s character] explains. “They may not be totally accurate and they’re often emotional.”

‘Crocodile’ will also feature Bloodline‘s Andrea Riseborough and Outlander star Andrew Gower, under the direction of Triple 9‘s John Hillcoat.

(Source: DigitalSpy)

See if you can spot Andrew in the trailer, which DigitalSpy describes as “sinister” and “disturbing”.

Unfortunately Netflix still keeps us on our toes in regards to a release date but we’re hoping for more information once all promo posters and official trailers for all six episodes of season 4 are released (which should be on 6 December).


If you missed Andrew’s brief appearance in the trailer, watch it here: