Frankenstein’s Wedding: Victor’s Diary


In the run-up to the live broadcast of Frankenstein’s Wedding, the BBC are releasing a series of Video Diaries that give us an insight into the three main characters, Victor Frankenstein (Andrew Gower), his fiancé Elizabeth Lavenza (Lacey Turner) and the Creature (David Harewood).

Watch Victor’s Diary below!

“I thought again of his words ‘I will be with you on your wedding-night’. That then was the period fixed for the fulfilment of my destiny.” Victor Frankenstein

Dr Victor Frankenstein, the troubled genius, has always been ambitious, obsessed with pushing the boundaries of science. He justifies his desire to create life by saying he wants to benefit humanity but instead he creates a threat that could destroy everything. He’s made a bargain with his creation and the stakes are high.

Elizabeth knows nothing about Victor’s secret but the wedding is getting closer, will the Creature’s threat turn into reality?

Frankenstein’s Wedding will be performed live at Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds and broadcast simultaneously on BBC Three on 19 March 2011.