Terror Tales


Terror Tales was a group of short plays performed at the Hampstead Theatre in London and produced by the Oxford School of Drama in June 2010. Andrew Gower appeared as the characters Charlie and Jamie in the plays You Can Do It and In For the Kill.

Andrew Gower and Pandora McCormick

Eight of London’s most exciting new writers, seventeen young actors and a handful of brand new pieces which interrogate and re-imagine our deepest, darkest fears.

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Here’s an excerpt of a review by Philip Womack:

There were seventeen young actors, and not a weak link among them. The stage set was uncluttered, boxy, with a slight hint of suburban claustrophobia. The general theme was normal situations twisting into darkness: a girls’ night in morphs into a possible murder scene; an interview with a nanny shifts into something altogether more sinister.

One of the strongest scenes was when two flatmates discover a burglar and tie him up. Charlie and Graham had a tender relationship, with Graham as the protector (Charlie, a B and Q worker, is so hapless that he can fall over a leaf.) Andrew Gower was a superbly timid Charlie, with Daniel Hallissey as a waveringly cocksure Graham….It was an excellent production (directed by DryWrite), and it is heartening and immensely spiriting to see a batch of fine talents enter the world. The last scene, which took place on the tube, began as a derivative, almost slapstick zombie attack, but as the cast gradually succumbed to the voodoo spell and turned on the audience, I suddenly became very glad that I had a few gulps of wine left in my glass.

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