New Borgias screencaps

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Our Gallery has been updated with 281 new, improved screencaps of The Borgias episode 3×01 “The Face of Death”. They are of a higher resolution than the previous ones and include a couple of scenes that we previously missed.

Enjoy at your own risk – some of them are not for the most squeamish minds!

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The Borgias 3×01 The Face of Death


The Borgias 3×01 The Face of Death

Historical drama The Borgias is focused on the House of Borgia and their rise to power at the turn of the 16th century, centering on Rodrigo Borgia (Jeremy Irons), the later Pope Alexander VI, and his family: his illegitimate sons Giovanni (David Oakes), Cesare (François Arnaud) and daughter Lucrezia (Holliday Grainger).

The third season picks up where the second season stopped: the Pope is fighting for his life after being poisened with cantarella while his Cardinals continue plotting at his deathbed. However, not only the Pope’s life is in danger, his enemies are also after his family.

One of the assassins (Andrew Gower) blackmails Lucrezia’s nurse Concetta (Mackenzie Munro) to gain access to the Borgia household and kill all family members. Lucrezia, Cesare and his servant Micheletto (Sean Harris) need to work fast if they want to save everyone…


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The Borgias air dates

International air dates for The Borgias will be posted here as and when we receive the news, keep checking back or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

USA – Sunday 14 April, 10pm, Showtime
Canada – Sunday 14 April, 10pm ET, Bravo
Australia – Wednesday 21 April, 9.30pm EST, SoHo
UK -Monday 17 June, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

Please email us if you discover any air dates not listed here.

The Borgias Season 3 trailer released

Showtime have released the first trailer for season 3 of The Borgias. It will start on Showtime in America on 14 April 2013. You can watch it below.

We currently have no updates on Andrew’s role but these will be posted as soon as we get them. We do not yet know when season three will air in the UK, although it is likely to be in July 2013, on Sky Atlantic.

The Borgias season 3 currently filming in Budapest

According to, season 3 of The Borgias is currently filming in Budapest. The mention of The Borgias on Andrew’s Spotlight CV coupled with his Twitter post about his trip to Budapest should hopefully mean we get some news soon about the part of ‘Assassin’ that he is to play in the new series.

Showtime‘s website states that the new series will begin in 2013.


Misfits, The Borgias and Murdoch Mysteries in production

Theatrical Agency Michelle Braidman Associates Ltd has announced that Andrew Gower is currently filming for Misfits, The Borgias and Murdoch Mysteries. The news also appears on Andrew’s Spotlight CV. More news on these productions as and when we get it.