Outlander’s Andrew Gower Returns to the Role of Bonnie Prince Charlie

Andrew Gower as Bonnie Prince Charlie in S2 of Outlander

Town & Country interviewed Andrew Gower briefly at the Outlander Season 6 premiere event in London about his #BonnieComeback:

“When I left the character, it was 4 years ago, 5 years ago so I did the research on what happened [to Bonnie Prince Charlie]. Spending time as an outcast in Scotland for the prince was never his idea, so when you do meet him this season he’s not in a particularly good shape of mind. But there’s plenty of lovely fairy tales, stories that the MacKinnon family wrote about him when he was hiding up near Skye in Scotland so I read all of them.”

Source: Town & Country

Asked whether it was difficult to step back into the Prince’s shoes, Andrew Gower replied:

“It feel like wearing an old glove again, getting back into the character.”

Source: Town & Country

Andrew Gower at the Outlander S6 premiere event in London