Running Naked US Press Reviews

  • 4 March 2021: Alex Billington for First Showing

[…] a feel good buddy comedy titled Running Naked […] From Emmy-winning director Victor Buhler, comes a heartfelt and moving tale that draws upon writer Jennifer Knowles personal experience as a cancer survivor. The story follows cancer survivors Ben and Mark, whose friendship is tested when some news forces them to change their perspectives. […] Looks like quirky, heartfelt fun.

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  • 6 April 2021: Darrel Manson for Screenfish

“Benjamin Taylor is leaving living today.”

Sometimes it takes the specter of death to bring light into life. Running Naked, from director Victor Buhler, is a feel-good dramedy that helps us see the beauty in life, even if we know that life is finite. Perhaps that finitude helps us see the meaning of it all.

The film serves as a reminder that we too often get bogged down in the vanities of life when we are meant to be seeking the beauty and joy that surrounds us—even in seemingly dark times.

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Matthew McNulty, Rakhee Thakrar & Andrew Gower
  • 7 April 2021: Tracey Petherick for Common Sense Media

Serious themes are handled with a light touch in this comedy drama that manages to find humor in a story that hinges on some of the toughest subject matter — terminal illness and mental health. Often emotional, sometimes bleak, but also punctuated by moments of joy, Running Naked is carried along at a pleasing pace by Gower and McNulty as Ben and Mark. From the way they bond as teens to the shift in their relationship as they hit their 30s, this archetypal “odd couple” maintain a friendship that is as unlikely as it is touching.

Like many of the best British indie movies, this production is not flashy or glamorous, but it feels real. Skillful cinematography finds the beauty in an ordinary world with clever scene setting, careful camera angles, and characters who are genuine and compelling. And while at times the narrative is unrefined, there is plenty of empathy and a strong sense of the value of human relationships. Fundamentally this movie is a journey of self-discovery for two people, both of whom just want to help a friend to live their best life.

(Source: Common Sense Media)