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Fantastic film with a really good cast. Gripped from the first minute till the last.

Funny, raw and honest, ‘Running Naked‘ is an uplifting celebration of love and friendship in the face of adversity. A cracking script, combined with perfectly judged directing and wonderful performances all round, keep us thoroughly engaged throughout. Who knew how much confronting human mortality could be so incredibly life-affirming? A much needed feel-good film for everyone!

Great story of the bond formed by two young lads going through cancer treatment and how their friendship endures when both handle it in very different ways. Great performances by Andrew Gower and Matthew McNulty.

Andrew Gower as Ben Taylor

Great cast and wonderful production. Honestly the best most down to earth films I have seen for a long time. It made me laugh and cry ..well done!

A heart warming and humorous story about a friendship formed by teenagers with cancer. The film manages to feel light while tackling a serious subject. As the boys become men it is apparent that there have been long term consequences, for both males, of having looked into the face of a potential early death. An interesting story line. Crazy action and beautifully written human interactions. A must watch!

Well! What more can I say that hasn’t been said already? Utterly fantastic, beautifully shot, and tremendous performances from all cast, especially Andrew Gower and Matthew McNulty. A very at times moving journey of true friendship and love, formed from cancer and highlights cancer and what it does and that there is much hope. I laughed. I cried. I was at times on the edge of my seat, and my stomach was in my throat! A real must watch, this film deserves to go far and wide!

Andrew Gower (Ben Taylor) and Matthew McNulty (Mark Doherty)

I work with a lot of people who suffer from OCD and it’s refreshing to have a character portrayed accurately, movingly but in a humorous way too! The actors, the story and the scenery were breathtakingly captivating. I really enjoyed it. Thank you.

The whole film was inspiring from start to finish. It was moving and uplifting, funny and full of emotion. The cast and crew have done an excellent job and I can’t wait to watch it again. Highly recommend!

This lovely film kept us glued to the screen throughout. It was about two best friends, one had terminal cancer, one did not. They had both already dealt with cancer as teenagers which had created a lasting bond between them. The antics they got up to , both in the past and in the present time was very funny and the whole story flowed between the laughter, mischief and of course, the serious problem of a life coming to a close. The acting was first rate, performed with smooth sensitivity and liveliness. A brilliant cast indeed leaving us with a long lasting impression of these beautiful people and their heartwarming story.

  • 11 February 2021: GWKH

A difficult subject treated with warmth and humour. Even though the film deals with cancer as a central theme the tone is upbeat throughout with the laughs coming naturally from the relationships between the two leads as both adults and teenagers. [….] the film […] is about the journey the two lead character Ben and Mark make.

The OCD element of hand washing seems very prescient given the current pandemic and it is good to see the NHS central in the film – and the value of the NHS to the two leads.

It is also refreshing to see a film shot entirely in the North West. The film is shot in a documentary style which suits the road movie element of the film. A lovely score too by Craig Potter from the band Elbow.

I attended the online premiere and a portion of profits will go to two cancer related charities- Teenage Cancer Trust and Weston Park Hospital which is laudable.

An excellent upbeat British film

Great to see films made in the UK and especially up North, Stoke, Manchester and Derbyshire. The cast did an excellent job making this film so real and moving but with comedy, their honesty and integrity made this a treat to watch again and again.

This is a warm hearted fun filled story, guaranteed to leave you in a better place by the end. The cast are excellent and the subject matter is dealt with sensitively, with some proper laugh out loud moments.

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