Capital Press Review


Here’s what some critics had to say about Capital, the TV adaptation of John Lanchaster‘s novel of the same title.

Andrew plays the character of Mark, who is not mentioned in the reviews but thanks to The Independent we got this lovely production still of Andrew and Toby Jones who plays Mark’s boss Roger.

Like the novel, Capital is more of a character-driven drama than a compelling crime thriller. It is a gentle satire about human behaviour, values and relationships. […] the drama is a pleasing adaptation that brings life to lovable characters, with strong performances from the ensemble cast.

(Source: The Independent)

How much of a city of 8.5 million can you get into one south London street? Capital (BBC1), adapted from John Lanchester’s novel, manages a lot. […] A lot of the important stuff, as well as what is most wonderful and most terrible about the place.

(Source: The Guardian)

Much was expected of John Lanchester’s 2012 novel Capital, which explored the London property bubble through the residents of Pepys Road, a gentrified Clapham street. […] But it’s the acting that makes this production sing. There was not a bad performance among the large ensemble cast and each brought something very different.

(Source: Telegraph)

as you expect from Bowker (writer of the Bafta-winning Marvellous), there is a fierce intelligence at work here, a script which asks some very interesting and important questions but doesn’t force the answers down your throat.

(Source: Radio Times)

Capital airs Tuesdays on BBC1:

  • Episode 1 – 24 November 2015
  • Episode 2 – 1 December 2015
  • Episode 3 – 8 December 2015