Murdoch Mysteries 7×04 The Return of Sherlock Holmes


Murdoch Mysteries 7×04 The Return of Sherlock Holmes

Detective William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) is called to a crime scene at the Queen’s Hotel where a man has been found dead. Upon arriving he is surprised to see a familiar face is already investigating the case: David Kingsley (Andrew Gower), who after a tragic event in his childhood believes himself to be the Great Detective Sherlock Holmes, informs Murdoch the deceased man is Wallace Burns from Scotland.

Murdoch also learns that since their last encounter, Sherlock Holmes has started his own consulting detective agency in Toronto and was hired to find a missing red-haired woman named Nora Webb (Emily Klassen). Sherlock deduces that Wallace Burns is his anonymous client and that his death was not an accident. He then leaves to find Ms Webb, who is frequently seen at Allan Gardens.

His investigations lead Sherlock Holmes to the McQueen family, where Ms Webb is employed as a nanny for their young son Ben (Christian Distefano) but has failed to return to work after her half day off. Young Ben believes something untoward has happened to his nanny, which is why he was the one to hire Sherlock Holmes, his hero from the books his Scottish godfather, the murdered Wallace Burns, has sent him.


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