A.D. Ep 7 “The Visit”


The plot summary for episode 7 “The Visit” of A.D. – The Bible Continues suggests that we will finally meet Caligula (played by Andrew Gower) on Sunday, 17 May 2015.

Saul (Emmett J. Scanlan) targets Peter (Adam Levy); Emperor Tiberius (Kenneth Cranham) arrives in Jerusalem to decide Pilate’s (Vincent Regan) fate – along with his debauched and dangerous nephew Caligula (Andrew Gower).

(Source: NBC.com)

Persecution grows stronger and the disciples are scattered as Saul targets Peter personally. God’s influence grows as the fleeing Philip shares the good news of Jesus’ power to save and heal in Samaria. And when the Roman Emperor Tiberius and his nephew Caligula come to town, Pilate sees an opportunity for promotion and escape from Jerusalem. What will his plan mean for the believers?

(Source: Sonoma)